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Academic Article R and S enantiomers of 11-hydroxy- and 10,11-dihydroxy-N-allylnoraporphine: synthesis and affinity for dopamine receptors in rat brain tissue.
Academic Article R(-) and S(+) stereoisomers of 11-hydroxy- and 11-methoxy-N-n-propylnoraporphine: central dopaminergic behavioral activity in the rat.
Academic Article Effects of isomers of hydroxyaporphines on dopamine metabolism in rat brain regions.
Academic Article Synthesis and dopamine receptor binding of sulfur-containing aporphines.
Academic Article Advances in development of dopaminergic aporphinoids.
Academic Article S(+)methylenedioxy-N-n-propylnoraporphine: an orally active inhibitor of dopamine selective for rat limbic system.
Academic Article Effects of aporphine isomers on rat prolactin.
Academic Article Synthesis and dopamine agonist and antagonist effects of (R)-(-)- and (S)-(+)-11-hydroxy-N-n-propylnoraporphine.
Academic Article Synthesis and neuropharmacological evaluation of R(-)-N-alkyl-11-hydroxynoraporphines and their esters.
Academic Article Chloroethylnorapomorphine, a proposed long-acting dopamine antagonist: interactions with dopamine receptors of mammalian forebrain in vitro.
Academic Article Neuropharmacology and stereochemistry of dopamine receptor agonist and antagonist enantiomeric pairs.
Academic Article Altered spontaneous behavior and sensitivity to apomorphine in rats following pretreatment with S(+)-aporphines or fluphenazine.
Academic Article Synthesis and dopamine receptor affinities of N-alkyl-11-hydroxy-2-methoxynoraporphines: N-alkyl substituents determine D1 versus D2 receptor selectivity.
Academic Article Synthesis and binding studies of 2-O- and 11-O-substituted N-alkylnoraporphines.
Academic Article Aporphines, 36. Dopamine receptor interactions of trihydroxyaporphines. Synthesis, radioreceptor binding, and striatal adenylate cyclase stimulation of 2,10,11-trihydroxyaporphines in comparison with other hydroxylated aporphines.
Academic Article Aporphines. 30. (-)-N(2-chloroethyl)-10,11-dihydroxynor-aporphine (chloroethylnorapomorphine), a novel irreversible dopamine receptor antagonist.
Academic Article Aporphines. 48. Enantioselectivity of (R)-(-)- and (S)-(+)-N-n-propylnorapomorphine on dopamine receptors.
Academic Article Presynaptic inhibition of dopamine synthesis in rat striatal tissue by enantiomeric mono- and dihydroxyaporphines.
Academic Article Irreversible binding of [3H](-)N-chloroethylnorapomorphine to mammalian brain tissue.
Academic Article Tissue levels of N-n-propylnorapomorphine after treatment with (-)10,11-methylenedioxy-N-n-propylnoraporphine, an orally long-acting prodrug active at central dopamine receptors.
Academic Article Receptor affinities of aporphine enantiomers in rat brain tissue.
Academic Article R-(-)-N-alkyl-11-hydroxy-10-hydroxymethyl- and 10-methyl-aporphines as 5-HT1A receptor ligands.
Academic Article Synthesis and neuropharmacological evaluation of esters of R(-)-N-alkyl-11-hydroxy-2-methoxynoraporphines.
Academic Article High-performance liquid chromatographic separation and electrochemical or spectrophotometric determination of R(-)N-n-propylnorapomorphine and R(-)10,11-methylenedioxy-N-n-propylnoraporphine in primate plasma.
Academic Article Pharmacology of [3H]apomorphine binding to bovine brain tissue.
Academic Article S-(+)-aporphines are not selective for human D3 dopamine receptors.
Academic Article Aporphines. 39. Synthesis, dopamine receptor binding, and pharmacological activity of (R)-(-)- and (S)-(+)-2-hydroxyapomorphine.
Academic Article Behavioral effects of (-)10,11-methylenedioxy-N-n-propylnoraporphine, an orally effective long-acting agent active at central dopamine receptors, and analogous aporphines.
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