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Academic Article Probabilistic diagnosis in linkage analysis of bipolar disorder: putting weights on the fringe.
Academic Article Alpha-2 macroglobulin is genetically associated with Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Family-based tests of association in the presence of linkage.
Academic Article Neuregulin-1 polymorphism in late onset Alzheimer's disease families with psychoses.
Academic Article Variance calculations for identity-by-descent estimation.
Academic Article Genome-wide linkage analysis of 723 affected relative pairs with late-onset Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article The importance of watching our weights: how the choice of weights for non-independent sib pairs can dramatically alter results.
Academic Article Genetic association of Alzheimer's disease with multiple polymorphisms in alpha-2-macroglobulin.
Academic Article Systematic meta-analyses of Alzheimer disease genetic association studies: the AlzGene database.
Academic Article Results of a high-resolution genome screen of 437 Alzheimer's disease families.
Academic Article Family-based association between Alzheimer's disease and variants in UBQLN1.
Academic Article ACAT1 is not associated with Alzheimer's disease in two independent family-based samples.
Academic Article Analysis of metabolic syndrome phenotypes in Framingham Heart Study families from Genetic Analysis Workshop 13.
Academic Article No evidence for genetic association or linkage of the cathepsin D (CTSD) exon 2 polymorphism and Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Combined analysis from eleven linkage studies of bipolar disorder provides strong evidence of susceptibility loci on chromosomes 6q and 8q.
Academic Article Unipolar relatives in bipolar pedigrees: a search for elusive indicators of underlying bipolarity.
Academic Article ApoE-4 and age at onset of Alzheimer's disease: the NIMH genetics initiative.
Academic Article A QTL genome scan of the metabolic syndrome and its component traits.
Academic Article Evidence for genetic linkage of Alzheimer's disease to chromosome 10q.
Academic Article No association between marker D10S1423 and Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article A genomic scan for age at onset of Alzheimer's disease in 437 families from the NIMH Genetic Initiative.
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