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Academic Article Radiographic left ventricular-right ventricular interlead distance predicts the acute hemodynamic response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Timing of delayed perforation with the St. Jude Riata lead: a single-center experience and a review of the literature.
Academic Article The coronary venous anatomy: a segmental approach to aid cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Usefulness of high-speed rotational coronary venous angiography during cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Left ventricular lead position and clinical outcome in the multicenter automatic defibrillator implantation trial-cardiac resynchronization therapy (MADIT-CRT) trial.
Academic Article Absence of left ventricular apical rocking and atrial-ventricular dyssynchrony predicts non-response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Clinical, laboratory, and pacing predictors of CRT response.
Academic Article Lead positioning strategies to enhance response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Influence of left atrial and ventricular volumes on the relation between mitral valve annulus and coronary sinus.
Academic Article Contemporary and future trends in cardiac resynchronization therapy to enhance response.
Academic Article Role of multislice computed tomography for preprocedural evaluation before revision of a chronically implanted transvenous left ventricular lead.
Academic Article Left ventricular lead electrical delay predicts response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Characteristics of responders to cardiac resynchronization therapy: the impact of echocardiographic left ventricular volume.
Academic Article Electrocardiographic characteristics in right ventricular vs biventricular pacing in patients with paced right bundle-branch block QRS pattern.
Academic Article Usefulness of a novel "response score" to predict hemodynamic and clinical outcome from cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Impact of segmental left ventricle lead position on cardiac resynchronization therapy outcomes.
Academic Article Electrical delay in apically positioned left ventricular leads and clinical outcome after cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Enhancing the response to cardiac resynchronization therapy: is it time to individualize the left ventricular pacing site?
Academic Article Right ventricular lead adjustment in cardiac resynchronization therapy and acute hemodynamic response: a pilot study.
Academic Article Assessment of the post-implant final left ventricular lead position: a comparative study between radiographic and angiographic modalities.
Academic Article Interlead distance and left ventricular lead electrical delay predict reverse remodeling during cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Atrioventricular nodal ablation in atrial fibrillation: a meta-analysis of biventricular vs. right ventricular pacing mode.
Concept Heart Ventricles
Academic Article The anatomic and electrical location of the left ventricular lead predicts ventricular arrhythmia in cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article The effect of left ventricular electrical delay on AV optimization for cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article QRS morphology, left ventricular lead location, and clinical outcome in patients receiving cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Cardiac magnetic resonance-derived anatomy, scar, and dyssynchrony fused with fluoroscopy to guide LV lead placement in cardiac resynchronization therapy: a comparison with acute haemodynamic measures and echocardiographic reverse remodelling.
Academic Article Clinical response with adaptive CRT algorithm compared with CRT with echocardiography-optimized atrioventricular delay: a retrospective analysis of multicentre trials.
Academic Article Real-World Assessment of Acute Left Ventricular Lead Implant Success and Complication Rates: Results from the Attain Success Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Longer Left Ventricular Electric Delay Reduces Mitral Regurgitation After Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Mechanistic Insights From the SMART-AV Study (SmartDelay Determined AV Optimization: A Comparison to Other AV Delay Methods Used in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy).
Academic Article Utility of dual-source computed tomography in cardiac resynchronization therapy-DIRECT study.
Academic Article Interaction of Left Ventricular Size and Sex on Outcome of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Among Patients With a Narrow QRS Duration in the EchoCRT Trial.
Academic Article Long-term reverse remodeling by cardiac resynchronization therapy with MultiPoint Pacing: A feasibility study of noninvasive hemodynamics-guided device programming.
Academic Article Rationale and design for ENHANCE CRT: QLV implant strategy for non-left bundle branch block patients.
Academic Article Left Ventricular Lead Location and Long-Term Outcomes in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Patients.
Academic Article The effects of cardiac resynchronization therapy on left ventricular and mitral valve geometry and secondary mitral regurgitation in patients with left bundle branch block.
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