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Academic Article Concerted potent humoral immune responses to autoantigens are associated with tumor destruction and favorable clinical outcomes without autoimmunity.
Academic Article Enhancing the clinical activity of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-secreting tumor cell vaccines.
Academic Article Combinatorial cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen-4.
Academic Article Molecular pathways: next-generation immunotherapy--inhibiting programmed death-ligand 1 and programmed death-1.
Academic Article Guidelines for the evaluation of immune therapy activity in solid tumors: immune-related response criteria.
Academic Article Defining the critical hurdles in cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Long-lived antitumor CD8+ lymphocytes for adoptive therapy generated using an artificial antigen-presenting cell.
Academic Article Improved endpoints for cancer immunotherapy trials.
Academic Article Active immunotherapy induces antibody responses that target tumor angiogenesis.
Academic Article The biologic importance of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes.
Academic Article Radiologic aspects of immune-related tumor response criteria and patterns of immune-related adverse events in patients undergoing ipilimumab therapy.
Academic Article Combinatorial Cancer Immunotherapy. in Cancer Immunotherapy – a thematic volume of Advances in Immunology
Academic Article Melanoma inhibitor of apoptosis protein (ML-IAP) is a target for immune-mediated tumor destruction.
Academic Article Overcoming immunological tolerance to melanoma: Targeting CTLA-4.
Academic Article Future perspectives in melanoma research. Meeting report from the "Melanoma research: a bridge from Naples to the World. Napoli, December 5th-6th 2011".
Concept Immunotherapy, Active
Concept Immunotherapy, Adoptive
Concept Immunotherapy
Academic Article Developing a common language for tumor response to immunotherapy: immune-related response criteria using unidimensional measurements.
Academic Article Ipilimumab and its toxicities: a multidisciplinary approach.
Academic Article Development of ipilimumab: a novel immunotherapeutic approach for the treatment of advanced melanoma.
Academic Article The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer consensus statement on tumour immunotherapy for the treatment of cutaneous melanoma.
Academic Article CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-L1 blockade: new immunotherapeutic modalities with durable clinical benefit in melanoma patients.
Academic Article Reversal of in situ T-cell exhaustion during effective human antileukemia responses to donor lymphocyte infusion.
Academic Article Outcomes of patients with metastatic melanoma treated with immunotherapy prior to or after BRAF inhibitors.
Academic Article Durable benefit and the potential for long-term survival with immunotherapy in advanced melanoma.
Academic Article Predictive correlates of response to the anti-PD-L1 antibody MPDL3280A in cancer patients.
Academic Article Cancer immunotherapy and immune-related response assessment: The role of radiologists in the new arena of cancer treatment.
Academic Article Future perspectives in melanoma research: meeting report from the "Melanoma Bridge", Napoli, December 5th-8th 2013.
Academic Article Anti-PD-1-Related Pneumonitis during Cancer Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Melanoma in 2015: Immune-checkpoint blockade - durable cancer control.
Academic Article Clinicopathological features of acute kidney injury associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Academic Article Cancer immunotherapy trials: leading a paradigm shift in drug development.
Academic Article Cardiotoxicity associated with CTLA4 and PD1 blocking immunotherapy.
Academic Article Synergy of radiotherapy and PD-1 blockade in Kras-mutant lung cancer.
Academic Article Immune-Checkpoint Inhibitors in the Era of Precision Medicine: What Radiologists Should Know.
Academic Article CCR 20th Anniversary Commentary: Immune-Related Response Criteria--Capturing Clinical Activity in Immuno-Oncology.
Academic Article Clinical development of talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC): a modified herpes simplex virus type-1-derived oncolytic immunotherapy.
Academic Article Adoptive Transfer of Invariant NKT Cells as Immunotherapy for Advanced Melanoma: A Phase I Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Novel efficacy criteria for antitumor activity to immunotherapy using the example of ipilimumab, an anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Combination immunotherapy: a road map.
Academic Article iRECIST: guidelines for response criteria for use in trials testing immunotherapeutics.
Academic Article Immunotherapy with single agent nivolumab for advanced leiomyosarcoma of the uterus: Results of a phase 2 study.
Academic Article Multicenter Evaluation of the Tolerability of Combined Treatment With PD-1 and CTLA-4 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Palliative Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Monitoring immune-checkpoint blockade: response evaluation and biomarker development.
Grant 3D Models of Immunotherapy
Academic Article Oncolytic Virotherapy Promotes Intratumoral T Cell Infiltration and Improves Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Incidence of Endocrine Dysfunction Following the Use of Different Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Regimens: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Academic Article Tumor and Microenvironment Evolution during Immunotherapy with Nivolumab.
Academic Article Genomic correlates of response to immune checkpoint therapies in clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Immune-Modified Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (imRECIST): Refining Guidelines to Assess the Clinical Benefit of Cancer Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Distinct predictive biomarker candidates for response to anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in melanoma patients.
Academic Article Cancer-Germline Antigen Expression Discriminates Clinical Outcome to CTLA-4 Blockade.
Academic Article An update on the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer consensus statement on tumor immunotherapy for the treatment of cutaneous melanoma: version 2.0.
Academic Article MHC proteins confer differential sensitivity to CTLA-4 and PD-1 blockade in untreated metastatic melanoma.
Academic Article Improved Risk-Adjusted Survival for Melanoma Brain Metastases in the Era of Checkpoint Blockade Immunotherapies: Results from a National Cohort.
Academic Article Oncolytic Virotherapy Promotes Intratumoral T Cell Infiltration and Improves Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Combined Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Melanoma Metastatic to the Brain.
Academic Article Management of metastatic melanoma: improved survival in a national cohort following the approvals of checkpoint blockade immunotherapies and targeted therapies.
Academic Article Endocrine Toxicity of Cancer Immunotherapy Targeting Immune Checkpoints.
Academic Article A Cancer Cell Program Promotes T Cell Exclusion and Resistance to Checkpoint Blockade.
Academic Article Imaging of Cancer Immunotherapy: Current Approaches and Future Directions.
Academic Article Reprogramming the Tumor Microenvironment to Improve Immunotherapy: Emerging Strategies and Combination Therapies.
Academic Article Combined BRAF and MEK inhibition with PD-1 blockade immunotherapy in BRAF-mutant melanoma.
Academic Article Publisher Correction: Combined BRAF and MEK inhibition with PD-1 blockade immunotherapy in BRAF-mutant melanoma.
Academic Article Immunity to X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP) in malignant melanoma and check-point blockade.
Grant Biomaterials to Create T Cell Immunity
Academic Article Response Criteria for Intratumoral Immunotherapy in Solid Tumors: itRECIST.
Academic Article Molecular Pathways of Colon Inflammation Induced by Cancer Immunotherapy.
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