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Academic Article The natural history of epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis complex.
Academic Article New drugs for pediatric epilepsy.
Academic Article The relationship of ketosis and growth to the efficacy of the ketogenic diet in infantile spasms.
Academic Article Progressive multifocal cystlike cortical tubers in tuberous sclerosis complex: Clinical and neuropathologic findings.
Academic Article Cognitive and adaptive development of patients with tuberous sclerosis complex: a retrospective, longitudinal investigation.
Academic Article Cyst-like tubers are associated with TSC2 and epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis complex.
Academic Article Associations between electroencephalographic and magnetic resonance imaging findings in tuberous sclerosis complex.
Concept Epilepsy, Rolandic
Concept Epilepsies, Partial
Concept Epilepsy
Academic Article Physiology of functional and effective networks in epilepsy.
Academic Article High density EEG-what do we have to lose?
Academic Article Physiological consequences of abnormal connectivity in a developmental epilepsy.
Grant Identification of Cortical Biomarkers for Seizure Risk in Childhood Epilepsy
Academic Article A Multimodal Imaging- and Stimulation-based Method of Evaluating Connectivity-related Brain Excitability in Patients with Epilepsy.
Academic Article A semi-automated method for rapid detection of ripple events on interictal voltage discharges in the scalp electroencephalogram.
Academic Article Extreme delta brush evolving into status epilepticus in a patient with anti-NMDA encephalitis.
Academic Article Profile of neonatal epilepsies: Characteristics of a prospective US cohort.
Academic Article Initial Treatment for Nonsyndromic Early-Life Epilepsy: An Unexpected Consensus.
Academic Article Early-Life Epilepsies and the Emerging Role of Genetic Testing.
Academic Article Comparative Effectiveness of Levetiracetam vs Phenobarbital for Infantile Epilepsy.
Academic Article Targeting high frequency oscillations in epilepsy.
Academic Article Neuroimaging of Early Life Epilepsy.
Academic Article Timing matters: Impact of anticonvulsant drug treatment and spikes on seizure risk in benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes.
Academic Article Beta oscillations in the sensorimotor cortex correlate with disease and remission in benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes.
Academic Article Scalp recorded spike ripples predict seizure risk in childhood epilepsy better than spikes.
Academic Article Immediate outcomes in early life epilepsy: A contemporary account.
Academic Article Lesion-Constrained Electrical Source Imaging: A Novel Approach in Epilepsy Surgery for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.
Academic Article Dysmature superficial white matter microstructure in developmental focal epilepsy.
Academic Article The natural history of seizures and neuropsychiatric symptoms in childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (CECTS).
Academic Article Electrographic predictors of successful weaning from anaesthetics in refractory status epilepticus.
Grant Focal thalamocortical circuit dysfunction mediates motor and cognitive deficits in developmental epilepsy
Academic Article Persistent abnormalities in Rolandic thalamocortical white matter circuits in childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes.
Academic Article Focal Sleep Spindle Deficits Reveal Focal Thalamocortical Dysfunction and Predict Cognitive Deficits in Sleep Activated Developmental Epilepsy.
Academic Article Child Neurology: Intractable Epilepsy and Transient Deficits in a Patient With a History of Herpes Simplex Virus Encephalitis.
Grant Targeting pathologic spike-ripples to isolate and disrupt epileptic dynamics
Academic Article High-Density EEG in Current Clinical Practice and Opportunities for the Future.
Academic Article Teaching NeuroImage: Increasing SPECTations for Ictal SPECT in Epilepsy Surgical Evaluation.
Academic Article Local and distant responses to single pulse electrical stimulation reflect different forms of connectivity.
Academic Article Application of a convolutional neural network for fully-automated detection of spike ripples in the scalp electroencephalogram.
Academic Article Computational Evidence for a Competitive Thalamocortical Model of Spikes and Spindle Activity in Rolandic Epilepsy.
Academic Article Early-life epilepsy after acute symptomatic neonatal seizures: A prospective multicenter study.
Academic Article Microscale dynamics of electrophysiological markers of epilepsy.
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