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Academic Article On-line syntactic processing in aphasia: studies with auditory moving window presentation.
Academic Article Working memory and online syntactic processing in Alzheimer's disease: studies with auditory moving window presentation.
Academic Article Effects of acoustic degradation on syntactic processing: implications for the nature of the resource system used in language processing.
Academic Article Aphasic deficits in syntactic processing.
Academic Article New arguments in favour of an automatic gender pronominal process.
Academic Article On-line syntactic processing under concurrent memory load.
Academic Article Frequency of concrete words modulates prefrontal activation during semantic judgments.
Academic Article Question/statement judgments: an fMRI study of intonation processing.
Academic Article The role of animacy and thematic relationships in processing active English sentences: evidence from event-related potentials.
Academic Article Effects of syntactic features on sentence-picture matching in Broca's aphasics: a reply to Drai and Grodzinksy (2005).
Academic Article Verbal working memory and on-line syntactic processing: evidence from self-paced listening.
Academic Article Comprehension of sentences with stylistic inversion by French aphasic patients.
Academic Article A study of syntactic processing in aphasia II: neurological aspects.
Academic Article Activation of Broca's area by syntactic processing under conditions of concurrent articulation.
Academic Article A study of syntactic processing in aphasia I: behavioral (psycholinguistic) aspects.
Concept Speech Perception
Concept Speech Acoustics
Concept Speech
Concept Speech Therapy
Academic Article Functional neuroimaging studies of syntactic processing.
Academic Article The measurement of chance performance in aphasia, with specific reference to the comprehension of semantically reversible passive sentences: a note on issues raised by Caramazza, Capitani, Rey, and Berndt (2001) and Drai, Grodzinsky, and Zurif (2001).
Academic Article Communication and quality of life outcomes from an interprofessional intensive, comprehensive, aphasia program (ICAP).
Academic Article Communication impairment in Parkinson's disease: Impact of motor and cognitive symptoms on speech and language.
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