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Academic Article Plasma perfusion by apheresis through a Gal immunoaffinity column successfully depletes anti-Gal antibody: experience with 320 aphereses in baboons.
Academic Article Transplantation in miniature swine. I. Fixation of the major histocompatibility complex.
Academic Article Pharmacologic immunosuppressive therapy and extracorporeal immunoadsorption in the suppression of anti-alphaGal antibody in the baboon.
Academic Article Immunoprecipitation studies of monoclonal antibodies submitted to the Second International Swine CD Workshop.
Academic Article Specific elimination of cytotoxic cells. II. Reduction of cytotoxic activity by adsorption on monolayers results from removal of cytotoxic cells and not from inhibition of their activity.
Academic Article Depletion of anti-gal antibodies in baboons by intravenous therapy with bovine serum albumin conjugated to gal oligosaccharides.
Academic Article Depletion of anti-Gal(alpha)1-3Gal antibody in baboons by specific alpha-Gal immunoaffinity columns.
Academic Article Injection of porcine anti-idiotypic antibodies to primate anti-Gal antibodies leads to active inhibition of serum cytotoxicity in a baboon.
Academic Article Studies on monoclonal antibodies to mouse MHC products.
Academic Article Adherence properties of cytotoxic cells and their precursors on spleen cell monolayers.
Academic Article Specific elimination of cytotoxic effector cells. I. Adsorptive behavior of effectors and their precursors and spleen cell monolayers.
Academic Article The Ia antigens.
Concept Immunosorbent Techniques
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