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Academic Article Charter on medical professionalism: putting the charter into practice.
Academic Article Proposed revisions to the Declaration of Helsinki--will they weaken the ethical principles underlying human research?
Academic Article Luxury primary care--market innovation or threat to access?
Academic Article Direct-to-consumer marketing of high-technology screening tests.
Academic Article Minority populations and advance directives: insights from a focus group methodology.
Academic Article Medical ethics and human rights violations: the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait and its aftermath.
Academic Article Clinical Ethics, by A. Jonsen, M. Siegler, and W. Winslade.
Academic Article Medical ethics and medical injuries: taking our duties seriously.
Academic Article Incompetent patients with limited care in the absence of family consent. A study of socioeconomic and clinical variables.
Academic Article Ethics committees and decisions to limit care. The experience at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Academic Article An ethical perspective on health care insurance reform.
Academic Article Participation of physicians in capital punishment.
Academic Article Clinical trials in developing countries: scientific and ethical issues.
Academic Article Health industry practices that create conflicts of interest: a policy proposal for academic medical centers.
Academic Article Integrated health care, capitated payment, and quality: the role of regulation.
Academic Article The Institute of Medicine report on medical errors--could it do harm?
Academic Article Do-not-resuscitate orders for the incompetent patient in the absence of family consent.
Academic Article AZT trial in Thailand.
Academic Article Allergic to generics.
Academic Article Physicians and drug representatives: exploring the dynamics of the relationship.
Academic Article Ethics of confidentiality: the special case of quality assurance research.
Academic Article AIDS and the limits of confidentiality: the physician's duty to warn contacts of seropositive individuals.
Academic Article Does a year make a difference? Changes in physician satisfaction and perception in an increasingly capitated environment.
Academic Article Physician-citizens--public roles and professional obligations.
Academic Article Transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus in the health care setting--time for action.
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