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Academic Article Translational control of TOP2A influences doxorubicin efficacy.
Academic Article RNAi and RNA-based regulation of immune system function.
Academic Article miR-24 Inhibits cell proliferation by targeting E2F2, MYC, and other cell-cycle genes via binding to "seedless" 3'UTR microRNA recognition elements.
Academic Article MYC is activated by USP2a-mediated modulation of microRNAs in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Distinct passenger strand and mRNA cleavage activities of human Argonaute proteins.
Academic Article miR-182-mediated downregulation of BRCA1 impacts DNA repair and sensitivity to PARP inhibitors.
Academic Article Potential roles for short RNAs in lymphocytes.
Academic Article miR-24-mediated downregulation of H2AX suppresses DNA repair in terminally differentiated blood cells.
Academic Article Charity begins at home: non-coding RNA functions in DNA repair.
Concept MicroRNAs
Academic Article A p21-ZEB1 complex inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition through the microRNA 183-96-182 cluster.
Academic Article Association of microRNAs and pathologic response to preoperative chemotherapy in triple negative breast cancer: preliminary report.
Academic Article MicroRNAs down-regulate homologous recombination in the G1 phase of cycling cells to maintain genomic stability.
Academic Article A genome-wide miRNA screen revealed miR-603 as a MGMT-regulating miRNA in glioblastomas.
Academic Article A functional screen identifies miRs that induce radioresistance in glioblastomas.
Academic Article Serum microRNAs are early indicators of survival after radiation-induced hematopoietic injury.
Academic Article Platinum and PARP Inhibitor Resistance Due to Overexpression of MicroRNA-622 in BRCA1-Mutant Ovarian Cancer.
Academic Article Circulating miR-29a and miR-150 correlate with delivered dose during thoracic radiation therapy for non-small cell lung cancer.
Academic Article 334 A Functional Screen Identifies miRNAs that Induce Radioresistance in Glioblastomas.
Grant Serum microRNA as biomarker for radiation injury to lung and hematopoietic cells
Grant Molecular mechanism and relevance of microRNAs in DSB repair pathway choice
Academic Article Evolutionarily conserved serum microRNAs predict radiation-induced fatality in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Diagnostic potential for a serum miRNA neural network for detection of ovarian cancer.
Academic Article A prototypical non-malignant epithelial model to study genome dynamics and concurrently monitor micro-RNAs and proteins in situ during oncogene-induced senescence.
Academic Article Serum microRNAs - potent biomarkers for radiation biodosimetry.
Academic Article Multifaceted Impact of MicroRNA 493-5p on Genome-Stabilizing Pathways Induces Platinum and PARP Inhibitor Resistance in BRCA2-Mutated Carcinomas.
Academic Article Potential of serum microRNAs as biomarkers of radiation injury and tools for individualization of radiotherapy.
Academic Article Circulating microRNAs as Biomarkers of Radiation Exposure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article A systemic approach to screening high-throughput RT-qPCR data for a suitable set of reference circulating miRNAs.
Academic Article MicroRNA profiling in a case-control study of African American women with uterine serous carcinoma.
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