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Academic Article VEGF-targeted cancer therapy strategies: current progress, hurdles and future prospects.
Academic Article VEGFR1 activity modulates myeloid cell infiltration in growing lung metastases but is not required for spontaneous metastasis formation.
Academic Article Vascular normalization by vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 blockade induces a pressure gradient across the vasculature and improves drug penetration in tumors.
Academic Article Anti-VEGFR-3 therapy and lymph node metastasis [corrected].
Academic Article Tumor angiogenesis and accessibility: role of vascular endothelial growth factor.
Academic Article VEGFR3: a new target for antiangiogenesis therapy?
Academic Article VEGFR1-activity-independent metastasis formation.
Academic Article Plasma soluble VEGFR-1 is a potential dual biomarker of response and toxicity for bevacizumab with chemoradiation in locally advanced rectal cancer.
Academic Article Antiangiogenic therapy for cancer: current and emerging concepts.
Academic Article Combined vascular endothelial growth factor-targeted therapy and radiotherapy for rectal cancer: theory and clinical practice.
Academic Article Evidence for incorporation of bone marrow-derived endothelial cells into perfused blood vessels in tumors.
Academic Article Targeted therapy in rectal cancer.
Academic Article Premetastatic lung "niche": is vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 activation required?
Academic Article Transvascular and interstitial transport in tumors.
Academic Article Geometric resistance and microvascular network architecture of human colorectal carcinoma.
Academic Article Anti-VEGF therapy induces ECM remodeling and mechanical barriers to therapy in colorectal cancer liver metastases.
Academic Article Phase II and Biomarker Study of Cabozantinib in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients.
Academic Article Anti-VEGF treatment improves neurological function in tumors of the nervous system.
Academic Article Going Beyond VEGF Pathway Inhibition for Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy: Is Inhibition of the PP2A/B55a Complex the Answer?
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