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Academic Article Systemic distribution and tumor localization of adoptively transferred lymphocytes in mice: comparison with physiologically based pharmacokinetic model.
Academic Article Antibody-directed effector cell therapy of tumors: analysis and optimization using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model.
Academic Article Biodistribution of monoclonal antibodies: scale-up from mouse to human using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model.
Academic Article In: Biology and Clinical Applications of IL-2, R.C. Rees, Ed., Oxford University Press, London
Academic Article Vascular normalizing doses of antiangiogenic treatment reprogram the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and enhance immunotherapy.
Academic Article Imaging of activated natural killer cells in mice by positron emission tomography: preferential uptake in tumors.
Academic Article Visualizing anti-tumor immune responses in vivo.
Academic Article Causes, consequences, and remedies for growth-induced solid stress in murine and human tumors.
Academic Article Vascular normalization as an emerging strategy to enhance cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Delivery of molecular medicine to solid tumors.
Academic Article Extravascular transport in normal and tumor tissues.
Academic Article Physiologically based kinetic model of effector cell biodistribution in mammals: implications for adoptive immunotherapy.
Concept Immunotherapy, Adoptive
Concept Immunotherapy
Academic Article CXCR4 inhibition in tumor microenvironment facilitates anti-programmed death receptor-1 immunotherapy in sorafenib-treated hepatocellular carcinoma in mice.
Academic Article Antiangiogenesis strategies revisited: from starving tumors to alleviating hypoxia.
Grant Reprogramming PDAC tumor microenvironment to improve immunotherapy
Academic Article Targeting the renin-angiotensin system to improve cancer treatment: Implications for immunotherapy.
Academic Article Enhancing cancer immunotherapy using antiangiogenics: opportunities and challenges.
Academic Article Understanding the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) for effective therapy.
Academic Article Differential Association Between Circulating Lymphocyte Populations With Outcome After Radiation Therapy in Subtypes of Liver Cancer.
Academic Article Smooth sailing for immunotherapy for unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer: the PACIFIC study.
Academic Article Blocking CXCR4 alleviates desmoplasia, increases T-lymphocyte infiltration, and improves immunotherapy in metastatic breast cancer.
Academic Article Reprogramming the microenvironment with tumor-selective angiotensin blockers enhances cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Reprogramming the Tumor Microenvironment to Improve Immunotherapy: Emerging Strategies and Combination Therapies.
Academic Article Vascular regulation of antitumor immunity.
Academic Article CCR2 inhibition reduces tumor myeloid cells and unmasks a checkpoint inhibitor effect to slow progression of resistant murine gliomas.
Academic Article Improving cancer immunotherapy using nanomedicines: progress, opportunities and challenges.
Academic Article Combining microenvironment normalization strategies to improve cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Antibody-mediated delivery of viral epitopes to tumors harnesses CMV-specific T cells for cancer therapy.
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