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Academic Article Functional analysis of immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif (ITAM)-mediated signal transduction: the two YxxL segments within a single CD3zeta-ITAM are functionally distinct.
Academic Article Prediction of MHC class I binding peptides using profile motifs.
Academic Article Similarity between fluorescein-specific T-cell receptor and antibody in chemical details of antigen recognition.
Academic Article Dynamic recruitment of human CD2 into lipid rafts. Linkage to T cell signal transduction.
Academic Article Peptide-induced negative selection of thymocytes activates transcription of an NF-kappa B inhibitor.
Academic Article Dynamic interaction of CD2 with the GYF and the SH3 domain of compartmentalized effector molecules.
Academic Article A chimeric protein of simian immunodeficiency virus envelope glycoprotein gp140 and Escherichia coli aspartate transcarbamoylase.
Academic Article Two YxxL segments of a single immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif in the CD3zeta molecule differentially activate calcium mobilization and mitogen-activated protein kinase family pathways.
Academic Article Identification of a proline-binding motif regulating CD2-triggered T lymphocyte activation.
Academic Article Differential regulation of T-cell receptor processing and surface expression affected by CD3 theta, an alternatively spliced product of the CD3 zeta/eta gene locus.
Academic Article Mechanisms contributing to T cell receptor signaling and assembly revealed by the solution structure of an ectodomain fragment of the CD3 epsilon gamma heterodimer.
Academic Article Developmentally regulated glycosylation of the CD8alphabeta coreceptor stalk modulates ligand binding.
Academic Article CD10/neutral endopeptidase 24.11 hydrolyzes bombesin-like peptides and regulates the growth of small cell carcinomas of the lung.
Academic Article Antibody-induced mitogenicity mediated by a chimeric CD2-c-fms receptor.
Academic Article A soluble, single-chain T-cell receptor fragment endowed with antigen-combining properties.
Academic Article The high affinity Fc epsilon receptor gamma subunit (Fc epsilon RI gamma) facilitates T cell receptor expression and antigen/major histocompatibility complex-driven signaling in the absence of CD3 zeta and CD3 eta.
Academic Article Structure, specificity and CDR mobility of a class II restricted single-chain T-cell receptor.
Academic Article Structure of a heterophilic adhesion complex between the human CD2 and CD58 (LFA-3) counterreceptors.
Academic Article CD2BP3, CIN85 and the structurally related adaptor protein CMS bind to the same CD2 cytoplasmic segment, but elicit divergent functional activities.
Academic Article The biology of human CD2.
Academic Article CD3 eta and CD3 zeta are alternatively spliced products of a common genetic locus and are transcriptionally and/or post-transcriptionally regulated during T-cell development.
Academic Article Involvement of the PPPGHR motif in T cell activation via CD2.
Academic Article Structure and interactions of CD4.
Academic Article Recognition and classification of histones using support vector machine.
Academic Article A cdc15-like adaptor protein (CD2BP1) interacts with the CD2 cytoplasmic domain and regulates CD2-triggered adhesion.
Academic Article Functional glycan-free adhesion domain of human cell surface receptor CD58: design, production and NMR studies.
Academic Article The ontogeny, structure and function of the human T lymphocyte receptor for antigen and major histocompatibility complex.
Academic Article Crystal structures of murine MHC Class I H-2 D(b) and K(b) molecules in complex with CTL epitopes from influenza A virus: implications for TCR repertoire selection and immunodominance.
Academic Article The human T-cell receptor. Structure and function.
Academic Article Molecular basis for the high affinity interaction between the thymic leukemia antigen and the CD8alphaalpha molecule.
Academic Article Genetic variability in HIV-1 gp120 affects interactions with HLA molecules and T cell receptor.
Academic Article Structure of the glycosylated adhesion domain of human T lymphocyte glycoprotein CD2.
Academic Article Human natural killer cells and mature T lymphocytes express identical CD3 zeta subunits as defined by cDNA cloning and sequence analysis.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of recombinant human immunodeficiency virus type 1-like particles expressing gp41 derivatives in a pre-fusion state.
Academic Article Cloning and expression of a gamma-interferon-inducible gene in monocytes: a new member of a cytokine gene family.
Academic Article Heterodimeric CD3epsilongamma extracellular domain fragments: production, purification and structural analysis.
Academic Article Adhesion domain of human T11 (CD2) is encoded by a single exon.
Academic Article The structural biology of CD2.
Academic Article Murine and human T11 (CD2) cDNA sequences suggest a common signal transduction mechanism.
Academic Article Antibody mechanics on a membrane-bound HIV segment essential for GP41-targeted viral neutralization.
Academic Article Conformation and function of the N-linked glycan in the adhesion domain of human CD2.
Academic Article The GYF domain is a novel structural fold that is involved in lymphoid signaling through proline-rich sequences.
Academic Article Atomic structure of a fragment of human CD4 containing two immunoglobulin-like domains.
Academic Article Structural and functional characterization of the CD2 immunoadhesion domain. Evidence for inclusion of CD2 in an alpha-beta protein folding class.
Academic Article Significant impact of sequence variations in the nucleoprotein on CD8 T cell-mediated cross-protection against influenza A virus infections.
Academic Article The human T lymphocyte receptor complex for antigen and MHC.
Academic Article Topology of T cell receptor-peptide/class I MHC interaction defined by charge reversal complementation and functional analysis.
Academic Article The CD58 (LFA-3) binding site is a localized and highly charged surface area on the AGFCC'C" face of the human CD2 adhesion domain.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the human CD4 N-terminal two-domain fragment complexed to a class II MHC molecule.
Academic Article In vivo selection of a TCR Vbeta repertoire directed against an immunodominant influenza virus CTL epitope.
Academic Article CD2 facilitates differentiation of CD4 Th cells without affecting Th1/Th2 polarization.
Academic Article A fraction of CD3 epsilon subunits exists as disulfide-linked dimers in both human and murine T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Major neutralizing sites on vaccinia virus glycoprotein B5 are exposed differently on variola virus ortholog B6.
Academic Article Phage-displayed libraries of peptide/major histocompatibility complexes.
Academic Article Design, expression, and immunogenicity of a soluble HIV trimeric envelope fragment adopting a prefusion gp41 configuration.
Academic Article The human T-cell receptor.
Academic Article Interaction between human CD2 and CD58 involves the major beta sheet surface of each of their respective adhesion domains.
Academic Article Organization of the gene encoding common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (neutral endopeptidase 24.11): multiple miniexons and separate 5' untranslated regions.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and expression of T11 cDNAs reveal a receptor-like structure on human T lymphocytes.
Academic Article High-level production of a secreted, heterodimeric alpha beta murine T-cell receptor in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Differential thymic selection outcomes stimulated by focal structural alteration in peptide/major histocompatibility complex ligands.
Academic Article Structural basis of CD8 coreceptor function revealed by crystallographic analysis of a murine CD8alphaalpha ectodomain fragment in complex with H-2Kb.
Academic Article Expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant HIV gp140. The gp41 ectodomain of HIV or simian immunodeficiency virus is sufficient to maintain the retroviral envelope glycoprotein as a trimer.
Academic Article The crystal structure of a TL/CD8alphaalpha complex at 2.1 A resolution: implications for modulation of T cell activation and memory.
Academic Article Sequence variability analysis of human class I and class II MHC molecules: functional and structural correlates of amino acid polymorphisms.
Academic Article GAKIN, a novel kinesin-like protein associates with the human homologue of the Drosophila discs large tumor suppressor in T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Sialic acid capping of CD8beta core 1-O-glycans controls thymocyte-major histocompatibility complex class I interaction.
Academic Article Murine common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (CD10 neutral endopeptidase 24.11). Molecular characterization, chromosomal localization, and modeling of the active site.
Academic Article CD3 zeta/eta/theta locus is colinear with and transcribed antisense to the gene encoding the transcription factor Oct-1.
Academic Article Involvement of the TCR Cbeta FG loop in thymic selection and T cell function.
Academic Article Delineation of a T-cell activation motif required for binding of protein tyrosine kinases containing tandem SH2 domains.
Academic Article A fraction of CD3 epsilon subunits exists as disulfide-linked dimers in both human and murine T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Solution structure of the CD3epsilondelta ectodomain and comparison with CD3epsilongamma as a basis for modeling T cell receptor topology and signaling.
Academic Article Major histocompatibility complex independent T cell receptor-antigen interaction: functional analysis using fluorescein derivatives.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of multiple CD3 zeta tyrosine residues leads to formation of pp21 in vitro and in vivo. Structural changes upon T cell receptor stimulation.
Academic Article Distinctive CD3 heterodimeric ectodomain topologies maximize antigen-triggered activation of alpha beta T cell receptors.
Academic Article Analysis of host-virus interactions in AIDS with anti-gp120 T cell clones: effect of HIV sequence variation and a mechanism for CD4+ cell depletion.
Academic Article Biochemical and functional analysis of smallpox growth factor (SPGF) and anti-SPGF monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of the CD3 eta subunit identifies a CD3 zeta-related product in thymus-derived cells.
Academic Article Substitution of murine for human CD4 residues identifies amino acids critical for HIV-gp120 binding.
Academic Article Proteome informatics for cancer research: from molecules to clinic.
Academic Article Broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibodies disrupt a hinge-related function of gp41 at the membrane interface.
Academic Article Dissection of the human CD2 intracellular domain. Identification of a segment required for signal transduction and interleukin 2 production.
Academic Article Homology of Ti alpha-subunit of a T-cell antigen-MHC receptor with immunoglobulin.
Academic Article MULTIPRED2: a computational system for large-scale identification of peptides predicted to bind to HLA supertypes and alleles.
Academic Article The structure and function of the T3-Ti molecular complex on human T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (CALLA) identifies a type II integral membrane protein.
Academic Article Comparison of HIV Type 1 ADA gp120 monomers versus gp140 trimers as immunogens for the induction of neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Structural and mutational analyses of a CD8alphabeta heterodimer and comparison with the CD8alphaalpha homodimer.
Academic Article Atomic structure of an alphabeta T cell receptor (TCR) heterodimer in complex with an anti-TCR fab fragment derived from a mitogenic antibody.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a putative cytokine which is induced by stimulation via the CD2 structure on human T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Efficient pattern comparative method for selecting functionally important motifs in protein sequences: application to zinc enzymes.
Academic Article Binding site for human immunodeficiency virus coat protein gp120 is located in the NH2-terminal region of T4 (CD4) and requires the intact variable-region-like domain.
Academic Article Delineation of an extended surface contact area on human CD4 involved in class II major histocompatibility complex binding.
Academic Article Structural basis of T cell recognition of peptides bound to MHC molecules.
Academic Article Purification and NH2-terminal amino acid sequencing of the beta subunit of a human T-cell antigen receptor.
Academic Article Exon-intron organization and sequence comparison of human and murine T11 (CD2) genes.
Academic Article Structural and functional evidence that Nck interaction with CD3epsilon regulates T-cell receptor activity.
Academic Article Molecular aspects of human T lymphocyte antigen recognition.
Academic Article Molecular analysis of the human T-cell-antigen receptor.
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Repetitive Sequences, Amino Acid
Academic Article BlockLogo: visualization of peptide and sequence motif conservation.
Academic Article Identification of human leucocyte antigen (HLA)-A*0201-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes derived from HLA-DOß as a novel target for multiple myeloma.
Academic Article HPVdb: a data mining system for knowledge discovery in human papillomavirus with applications in T cell immunology and vaccinology.
Academic Article Disruption of helix-capping residues 671 and 674 reveals a role in HIV-1 entry for a specialized hinge segment of the membrane proximal external region of gp41.
Academic Article Constitutively oxidized CXXC motifs within the CD3 heterodimeric ectodomains of the T cell receptor complex enforce the conformation of juxtaposed segments.
Academic Article Force-dependent transition in the T-cell receptor ß-subunit allosterically regulates peptide discrimination and pMHC bond lifetime.
Academic Article Pre-TCR ligand binding impacts thymocyte development before aßTCR expression.
Academic Article A computational method for identification of vaccine targets from protein regions of conserved human leukocyte antigen binding.
Academic Article Backbone resonance assignment of N15, N30 and D10 T cell receptor ß subunits.
Academic Article The T Cell Antigen Receptor a Transmembrane Domain Coordinates Triggering through Regulation of Bilayer Immersion and CD3 Subunit Associations.
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