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Academic Article Fetal pancreas transplantation in non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice. A comparison of iso-, allo- and xenografts.
Academic Article Cytokines and autoimmune beta cell destruction in NOD mouse fetal pancreas isografts in cyclophosphamide-induced diabetes.
Academic Article Effect of culture conditions on fetal mouse pancreas in vitro and after transplantation in syngeneic and allogeneic recipients.
Academic Article Isotransplantation of fetal mouse pancreas in experimental diabetes. Effect of gestational age and organ culture.
Academic Article The role of V beta 8 cells in disease recurrence in isografts in diabetic NOD mice.
Academic Article The effect of chronic diabetes and continuous pretransplantation insulin infusion on the function of organ-cultured fetal islet isografts.
Academic Article Delayed reversal of diabetes after pancreas isotransplantation in chronically diabetic mice.
Academic Article Detrimental effect of chronic diabetes on growth and function of fetal islet isografts in mice.
Academic Article Xenografts of organ-cultured fetal pig pancreas in NOD mice: a comparison with allografts and isografts in transiently immunosuppressed recipients.
Academic Article Expression of cytokines during rejection of fetal pig islet xenografts in nonobese diabetic mice.
Academic Article Effect of monoclonal antibody on corneal graft survival across major and minor histocompatibility mismatches.
Academic Article The effect of cyclosporine A on fetal mouse pancreas used for isografts.
Academic Article A comparison of organ cultured fetal pancreas allo-, iso-, and xenografts (pig) in non-immunosuppressed non-obese diabetic mice.
Academic Article Effect of ischemia and temperature on fetal mouse pancreas. Insulin production in vitro, and function after isotransplantation.
Academic Article Effect of mycophenolate mofetil with and without anti-CD4 (GK1.5) on fetal islet iso-, allo-, and xenografts in NOD/Lt female mice.
Concept Transplantation, Isogeneic
Academic Article Bone marrow-derived hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells infiltrate allogeneic and syngeneic transplants.
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  • Transplantation Isogeneic
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