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Academic Article A linkage study of schizophrenia to markers within Xp11 near the MAOB gene.
Academic Article The genetics of schizophrenia: past, present, and future concepts.
Academic Article Chromosome 18 translocation (18;21) (p11.1;p11.1) associated with psychosis in one family.
Academic Article Evidence for a pseudo-autosomal locus for schizophrenia using the method of affected sibling pairs.
Academic Article Reviewing the "facts about schizophrenia:: a possible or impossible task?
Academic Article Chromosome Workshops 1998: current state of psychiatric linkage.
Academic Article Gene brain structure relationships: arbitrary assumptions of heterogeneity generate unfalsifiable claims.
Academic Article A novel analytical framework for dissecting the genetic architecture of behavioral symptoms in neuropsychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of 32 genome-wide linkage studies of schizophrenia.
Academic Article An examination of linkage of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder to the pseudoautosomal region (Xp22.3)
Academic Article When is a "positive" association truly a "positive" in psychiatric genetics? A commentary based on issues debated at the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Boston, October 12-18, 2005.
Academic Article No genetic linkage detected for schizophrenia to Xq27-q28.
Academic Article A genome-wide search for schizophrenia susceptibility genes.
Academic Article Schizophrenia and sex chromosome anomalies.
Academic Article Familial thyroid disease and delayed language development in first admission patients with schizophrenia.
Academic Article Linkage analyses of schizophrenia to chromosome 6p24-p22: an attempt to replicate.
Academic Article Failure to establish linkage on the X chromosome in 301 families with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.
Academic Article Lack of evidence for linkage to chromosomes 13 and 8 for schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.
Academic Article C to T nucleotide substitution in codon 713 of amyloid precursor protein gene not found in 86 unrelated schizophrenics from multiplex families.
Academic Article Evidence for a sex chromosome locus for schizophrenia.
Academic Article The role of molecular genetics in psychiatry.
Academic Article Study of the Huntington's disease (HD) gene CAG repeats in schizophrenic patients shows overlap of the normal and HD affected ranges but absence of correlation with schizophrenia.
Academic Article Neuropeptide gene polymorphisms in affective disorder and schizophrenia.
Academic Article Confirmatory evidence for linkage of relative hand skill to 2p12-q11.
Academic Article Physical mapping, linkage analysis of a putative schizophrenia locus on chromosome 5q.
Academic Article Search for linkage to schizophrenia on the X and Y chromosomes.
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium study of markers within the pericentromeric region of the X chromosome.
Academic Article Relationship of HLA to schizophrenia in 10 nuclear families.
Academic Article Linkage analysis between schizophrenia and a microsatellite polymorphism for the D5 dopamine receptor gene.
Academic Article Evidence for linkage to psychosis and cerebral asymmetry (relative hand skill) on the X chromosome.
Academic Article Allele sharing for schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorder within a region of Homo sapiens specific XY homology.
Concept Genetic Linkage
Academic Article Hypomethylation of the paternally inherited LRRTM1 promoter linked to schizophrenia.
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