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Academic Article Minor H, rather than MHC, alloantigens offer the greater barrier to successful orthotopic corneal transplantation in mice.
Academic Article Termination of systemic immunity in the presence of intraocular tumors: influence of ocular immune privilege on tumor vaccines.
Academic Article Blood-borne signals that induce anterior chamber-associated immune deviation after intracameral injection of antigen.
Academic Article The effect of IL-12 on immune privilege of the eye.
Academic Article Immune privilege to MHC-disparate tumor grafts in the anterior chamber of the eye. I. Quantitative analysis of intraocular tumor growth and the corresponding delayed hypersensitivity response.
Academic Article Langerhans cells, orthotopic corneal allografts, and direct and indirect pathways of T-cell allorecognition.
Academic Article Infiltration and accumulation of precursor cytotoxic T-cells increase with time in progressively growing ocular tumors.
Academic Article Cell-mediated immune tolerance to HSV-1 antigens associated with reduced susceptibility to HSV-1 corneal lesions.
Academic Article Immune privilege is extended, then withdrawn, from allogeneic tumor cell grafts placed in the subretinal space.
Academic Article Requirement of CD80+ costimulation for rejection of ocular tumors and termination of immune privilege.
Academic Article Characterization of cell-mediated immune responses elicited by orthotopic corneal allografts in mice.
Academic Article Fate of orthotopic corneal allografts in eyes that cannot support anterior chamber-associated immune deviation induction.
Academic Article Imposing deviant immunity on the presensitized state.
Academic Article Evidence that active suppression contributes to the success of H-2-incompatible orthotopic corneal allografts in mice.
Concept Hypersensitivity, Delayed
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