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Academic Article L-selectin-mediated leukocyte adhesion in vivo: microvillous distribution determines tethering efficiency, but not rolling velocity.
Academic Article Immunology. T cell activation in six dimensions.
Academic Article Signaling protein SWAP-70 is required for efficient B cell homing to lymphoid organs.
Academic Article Lymphocyte-HEV interactions in lymph nodes of a sulfotransferase-deficient mouse.
Academic Article T-cell priming by dendritic cells in lymph nodes occurs in three distinct phases.
Academic Article Homing and cellular traffic in lymph nodes.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of lymphocyte homing to peripheral lymph nodes.
Academic Article Gene therapy to target dendritic cells from blood to lymph nodes.
Academic Article The CC chemokine thymus-derived chemotactic agent 4 (TCA-4, secondary lymphoid tissue chemokine, 6Ckine, exodus-2) triggers lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1-mediated arrest of rolling T lymphocytes in peripheral lymph node high endothelial venules.
Academic Article Inflammatory chemokine transport and presentation in HEV: a remote control mechanism for monocyte recruitment to lymph nodes in inflamed tissues.
Academic Article Fever-range thermal stress promotes lymphocyte trafficking across high endothelial venules via an interleukin 6 trans-signaling mechanism.
Academic Article Intravital microscopy of the peripheral lymph node microcirculation in mice.
Academic Article Circulating activated platelets reconstitute lymphocyte homing and immunity in L-selectin-deficient mice.
Academic Article A central role for DOCK2 during interstitial lymphocyte motility and sphingosine-1-phosphate-mediated egress.
Academic Article A novel endothelial L-selectin ligand activity in lymph node medulla that is regulated by alpha(1,3)-fucosyltransferase-IV.
Academic Article A major class of L-selectin ligands is eliminated in mice deficient in two sulfotransferases expressed in high endothelial venules.
Academic Article Definition of germinal-center B cell migration in vivo reveals predominant intrazonal circulation patterns.
Academic Article HIV-infected T cells are migratory vehicles for viral dissemination.
Academic Article CXCL12 mediates CCR7-independent homing of central memory cells, but not naive T cells, in peripheral lymph nodes.
Academic Article In vivo imaging of T cell priming.
Academic Article Migratory properties of naive, effector, and memory CD8(+) T cells.
Academic Article Fingolimod and sphingosine-1-phosphate--modifiers of lymphocyte migration.
Academic Article Subcapsular sinus macrophages in lymph nodes clear lymph-borne viruses and present them to antiviral B cells.
Academic Article Subcapsular sinus macrophages prevent CNS invasion on peripheral infection with a neurotropic virus.
Academic Article Chemokine guidance of central memory T cells is critical for antiviral recall responses in lymph nodes.
Academic Article Distinct roles for LFA-1 affinity regulation during T-cell adhesion, diapedesis, and interstitial migration in lymph nodes.
Academic Article The CCR7 ligand elc (CCL19) is transcytosed in high endothelial venules and mediates T cell recruitment.
Academic Article Travellers in many guises: the origins and destinations of dendritic cells.
Academic Article Defining the quantitative limits of intravital two-photon lymphocyte tracking.
Academic Article Constitutively active ezrin increases membrane tension, slows migration, and impedes endothelial transmigration of lymphocytes in vivo in mice.
Academic Article The S1P-analog FTY720 differentially modulates T-cell homing via HEV: T-cell-expressed S1P1 amplifies integrin activation in peripheral lymph nodes but not in Peyer patches.
Academic Article In vivo imaging of lymphocyte trafficking.
Academic Article Selective imprinting of gut-homing T cells by Peyer's patch dendritic cells.
Academic Article Comprehensive analysis of lymph node stroma-expressed Ig superfamily members reveals redundant and nonredundant roles for ICAM-1, ICAM-2, and VCAM-1 in lymphocyte homing.
Academic Article Platelet-mediated lymphocyte delivery to high endothelial venules.
Academic Article CCR7 ligands stimulate the intranodal motility of T lymphocytes in vivo.
Academic Article Rulers over randomness: stroma cells guide lymphocyte migration in lymph nodes.
Academic Article Critical functions of N-glycans in L-selectin-mediated lymphocyte homing and recruitment.
Academic Article CXCR3 chemokine receptor-ligand interactions in the lymph node optimize CD4+ T helper 1 cell differentiation.
Academic Article Endothelial heparan sulfate controls chemokine presentation in recruitment of lymphocytes and dendritic cells to lymph nodes.
Academic Article Core 2 branching beta1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase and high endothelial cell N-acetylglucosamine-6-sulfotransferase exert differential control over B- and T-lymphocyte homing to peripheral lymph nodes.
Academic Article Conduits mediate transport of low-molecular-weight antigen to lymph node follicles.
Academic Article Negative regulation of T cell homing by CD43.
Academic Article In situ analysis of lymphocyte migration to lymph nodes.
Academic Article How antigen quantity and quality determine T-cell decisions in lymphoid tissue.
Academic Article B cell maintenance of subcapsular sinus macrophages protects against a fatal viral infection independent of adaptive immunity.
Concept Lymph Nodes
Academic Article Antigen availability determines CD8? T cell-dendritic cell interaction kinetics and memory fate decisions.
Academic Article Nociceptive sensory neurons drive interleukin-23-mediated psoriasiform skin inflammation.
Academic Article Circulating T follicular regulatory and helper cells have memory-like properties.
Academic Article Targeted Delivery of Immunomodulators to Lymph Nodes.
Academic Article SCS macrophages suppress melanoma by restricting tumor-derived vesicle-B cell interactions.
Academic Article Prolonged contact with dendritic cells turns lymph node-resident NK cells into anti-tumor effectors.
Grant T Cell Activation in Lymph Nodes
Grant Anti-viral immune responses in lymph node
Grant Differentiation and Regulation of CTL
Grant Migratory Properties of CD8 T Cells
Grant Migratory Properties of CD8 T Cells
Academic Article Targeted delivery of immune therapeutics to lymph nodes prolongs cardiac allograft survival.
Academic Article CCL22 controls immunity by promoting regulatory T cell communication with dendritic cells in lymph nodes.
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