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Academic Article Single-neuron sequencing analysis of L1 retrotransposition and somatic mutation in the human brain.
Concept Single-Cell Analysis
Academic Article Somatic mutation in single human neurons tracks developmental and transcriptional history.
Academic Article Resolving rates of mutation in the brain using single-neuron genomics.
Academic Article The Impact of Environmental and Endogenous Damage on Somatic Mutation Load in Human Skin Fibroblasts.
Academic Article The 4D nucleome project.
Academic Article PaSD-qc: quality control for single cell whole-genome sequencing data using power spectral density estimation.
Academic Article Aging and neurodegeneration are associated with increased mutations in single human neurons.
Academic Article Linking transcriptional and genetic tumor heterogeneity through allele analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data.
Academic Article Linked-read analysis identifies mutations in single-cell DNA-sequencing data.
Academic Article Identification of somatic mutations in single cell DNA-seq using a spatial model of allelic imbalance.
Academic Article Accurate detection of mosaic variants in sequencing data without matched controls.
Academic Article Immunogenomic profiling determines responses to combined PARP and PD-1 inhibition in ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Parallel RNA and DNA analysis after deep sequencing (PRDD-seq) reveals cell type-specific lineage patterns in human brain.
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  • Single Cell Analysis
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