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Academic Article Structure and function of an essential component of the outer membrane protein assembly machine.
Academic Article Identification of a multicomponent complex required for outer membrane biogenesis in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Better substrates for bacterial transglycosylases.
Academic Article Proteins required for lipopolysaccharide assembly in Escherichia coli form a transenvelope complex.
Academic Article Lipoprotein LptE is required for the assembly of LptD by the beta-barrel assembly machine in the outer membrane of Escherichia coli.
Academic Article ß-Barrel membrane protein assembly by the Bam complex.
Academic Article Probing the barrier function of the outer membrane with chemical conditionality.
Academic Article Disulfide rearrangement triggered by translocon assembly controls lipopolysaccharide export.
Academic Article The reconstituted Escherichia coli Bam complex catalyzes multiple rounds of ß-barrel assembly.
Academic Article Lipoprotein SmpA is a component of the YaeT complex that assembles outer membrane proteins in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Defining the roles of the periplasmic chaperones SurA, Skp, and DegP in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article The complex that inserts lipopolysaccharide into the bacterial outer membrane forms a two-protein plug-and-barrel.
Academic Article Identification of a protein complex that assembles lipopolysaccharide in the outer membrane of Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Identification of two inner-membrane proteins required for the transport of lipopolysaccharide to the outer membrane of Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic ATP hydrolysis powers transport of lipopolysaccharide across the periplasm in E. coli.
Academic Article Polyvalent binding to carbohydrates immobilized on an insoluble resin.
Academic Article Lipoprotein cofactors located in the outer membrane activate bacterial cell wall polymerases.
Academic Article Chemical conditionality: a genetic strategy to probe organelle assembly.
Academic Article Reconstitution of outer membrane protein assembly from purified components.
Academic Article Activation of the Escherichia coli ß-barrel assembly machine (Bam) is required for essential components to interact properly with substrate.
Academic Article Distinct single-cell morphological dynamics under beta-lactam antibiotics.
Academic Article The Escherichia coli Lpt transenvelope protein complex for lipopolysaccharide export is assembled via conserved structurally homologous domains.
Academic Article Nonconsecutive disulfide bond formation in an essential integral outer membrane protein.
Academic Article Transport of lipopolysaccharide across the cell envelope: the long road of discovery.
Academic Article YfiO stabilizes the YaeT complex and is essential for outer membrane protein assembly in Escherichia coli.
Concept Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
Concept Membrane Proteins
Academic Article bam Lipoproteins Assemble BamA in vitro.
Academic Article Lipoprotein activators stimulate Escherichia coli penicillin-binding proteins by different mechanisms.
Academic Article LptE binds to and alters the physical state of LPS to catalyze its assembly at the cell surface.
Academic Article A mutant Escherichia coli that attaches peptidoglycan to lipopolysaccharide and displays cell wall on its surface.
Academic Article Inhibition of the ß-barrel assembly machine by a peptide that binds BamD.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide transport to the cell surface: biosynthesis and extraction from the inner membrane.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide transport to the cell surface: periplasmic transport and assembly into the outer membrane.
Academic Article Cofactor bypass variants reveal a conformational control mechanism governing cell wall polymerase activity.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide transport and assembly at the outer membrane: the PEZ model.
Academic Article Characterization of a stalled complex on the ß-barrel assembly machine.
Grant Outer Membrane Biogenesis: New Antibiotic Targets
Academic Article Membrane integration of an essential ß-barrel protein prerequires burial of an extracellular loop.
Academic Article Outer Membrane Biogenesis.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide is transported to the cell surface by a membrane-to-membrane protein bridge.
Academic Article Substrate binding to BamD triggers a conformational change in BamA to control membrane insertion.
Academic Article Membrane Potential Is Required for MurJ Function.
Academic Article A cluster of residues in the lipopolysaccharide exporter that selects substrate variants for transport to the outer membrane.
Academic Article Outer Membrane Translocon Communicates with Inner Membrane ATPase To Stop Lipopolysaccharide Transport.
Academic Article A central role for PBP2 in the activation of peptidoglycan polymerization by the bacterial cell elongation machinery.
Academic Article FtsW is a peptidoglycan polymerase that is functional only in complex with its cognate penicillin-binding protein.
Academic Article Fine-Tuning of sE Activation Suppresses Multiple Assembly-Defective Mutations in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Structural basis of unidirectional export of lipopolysaccharide to the cell surface.
Academic Article Combining Mutations That Inhibit Two Distinct Steps of the ATP Hydrolysis Cycle Restores Wild-Type Function in the Lipopolysaccharide Transporter and Shows that ATP Binding Triggers Transport.
Academic Article Formation of a ß-barrel membrane protein is catalyzed by the interior surface of the assembly machine protein BamA.
Grant Discovery and characterization of new bacterial cell wall targets and inhibitors to treat resistant infections
Academic Article Structure of a nascent membrane protein as it folds on the BAM complex.
Academic Article Structure and reconstitution of a hydrolase complex that may release peptidoglycan from the membrane after polymerization.
Academic Article The assembly of ß-barrel outer membrane proteins.
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