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Academic Article Amygdala, long-term potentiation, and fear conditioning.
Academic Article Glutamate uptake determines pathway specificity of long-term potentiation in the neural circuitry of fear conditioning.
Academic Article Synaptically released zinc gates long-term potentiation in fear conditioning pathways.
Academic Article Enhanced cortico-amygdala efficacy and suppressed fear in absence of Rap1.
Academic Article LTP in the lateral amygdala during cocaine withdrawal.
Academic Article Fear conditioning occludes LTP-induced presynaptic enhancement of synaptic transmission in the cortical pathway to the lateral amygdala.
Academic Article stathmin, a gene enriched in the amygdala, controls both learned and innate fear.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal asymmetry of associative synaptic plasticity in fear conditioning pathways.
Academic Article Nipping fear in the bud: inhibitory control in the amygdala.
Academic Article Identification of a signaling network in lateral nucleus of amygdala important for inhibiting memory specifically related to learned fear.
Academic Article Essential role for TRPC5 in amygdala function and fear-related behavior.
Academic Article Learning and reconsolidation implicate different synaptic mechanisms.
Concept Fear
Academic Article Synaptic encoding of fear extinction in mPFC-amygdala circuits.
Academic Article Deletion of Rapgef6, a candidate schizophrenia susceptibility gene, disrupts amygdala function in mice.
Academic Article Modulation of anxiety and fear via distinct intrahippocampal circuits.
Grant Functional role of vesicular zinc in synaptic mechanisms in the amygdala
Grant PACAP-mediated modulation of amygdalar-BNST interactions: implications for control of anxiety states
Grant Synaptic mechanisms in extinction of conditioned fear
Grant Synaptic mechanisms of fear conditioning
Grant Cellular mechanisms mediating extinction of conditioned fear
Grant Cell Type Specific Genomic and Functional Dissection of Fear Off Amygdala Pathways
Grant TRPC-mediated control of anxiety
Academic Article Diminishing fear: Optogenetic approach toward understanding neural circuits of fear control.
Academic Article Mechanisms of fear learning and extinction: synaptic plasticity-fear memory connection.
Grant Synaptic and neuronal mechanisms of fear control: the role of hippocampal-amygdalar interactions
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