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Academic Article Finding-specific display presets for computed radiography soft-copy reading.
Academic Article Workflow assessment of digital versus computed radiography and screen-film in the outpatient environment.
Academic Article Implementing a MIRC interface for a database driven teaching file.
Academic Article Web technology in the integration of a digital teaching file at the diagnostic workstation.
Academic Article Computers in imaging and health care: now and in the future.
Academic Article Satisfaction of search in radiographic modalities.
Academic Article Simulation of disaster recovery of a picture archiving and communications system using off-site hierarchal storage management.
Academic Article What Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) could look like in common object request broker (CORBA) and extensible markup language (XML).
Academic Article Productivity and cost assessment of computed radiography, digital radiography, and screen-film for outpatient chest examinations.
Academic Article Adoption and meaningful use of computerized physician order entry with an integrated clinical decision support system for radiology: ten-year analysis in an urban teaching hospital.
Academic Article Automated examination notification of emergency department images in a picture archiving and communication system.
Academic Article Exposing exposure: automated anatomy-specific CT radiation exposure extraction for quality assurance and radiation monitoring.
Academic Article Integrating multiple clinical information systems using the Java Message Service framework.
Academic Article Optimization of a low-cost truly preemptive multitasking PC diagnostic workstation.
Academic Article Advanced image processing in the clinical arena: issues to consider.
Academic Article Informatics in radiology: integration of the medical imaging resource center into a teaching hospital network to allow single sign-on access.
Academic Article Anatomy of picture archiving and Communications systems: nuts and bolts--image acquisition: getting digital images from imaging modalities.
Academic Article Chairman's letter: productivity--workflow assessment and the discovery cycle.
Academic Article Business intelligence tools for radiology: creating a prototype model using open-source tools.
Academic Article Design and implementation of a picture archiving and communication system: the second time.
Academic Article PACS databases and enrichment of the folder manager concept.
Academic Article Relevant priors prefetching algorithm performance for a picture archiving and communication system.
Academic Article Implementing a MIRC query interface for a database driven teaching file.
Academic Article Addressing the coming radiology crisis-the Society for Computer Applications in Radiology transforming the radiological interpretation process (TRIP) initiative.
Academic Article Multimedia in the radiology environment: current concept.
Academic Article Augmenting the impact of technology adoption with financial incentive to improve radiology report signature times.
Academic Article Information from Searching Content with an Ontology-Utilizing Toolkit (iSCOUT).
Academic Article RIS minus PACS equals film.
Academic Article Transforming medical imaging: the first SCAR TRIP conference a position paper from the SCAR TRIP subcommittee of the SCAR research and development committee.
Academic Article A hierarchical storage management (HSM) scheme for cost-effective on-line archival using lossy compression.
Academic Article Viewport: an object-oriented approach to integrate workstation software for tile and stack mode display.
Academic Article Business intelligence tools and performance improvement in your practice.
Academic Article Recurrent CT, cumulative radiation exposure, and associated radiation-induced cancer risks from CT of adults.
Academic Article Display monitors for digital medical imaging.
Academic Article Implementing a replacement PACS: issues to consider.
Academic Article Retrieval of radiology reports citing critical findings with disease-specific customization.
Academic Article Factors associated with radiologists' adherence to Fleischner Society guidelines for management of pulmonary nodules.
Academic Article Patient privacy and security of electronic medical information for radiologists: the basics.
Academic Article Optimizing analysis, visualization, and navigation of large image data sets: one 5000-section CT scan can ruin your whole day.
Academic Article ACR-AAPM-SIIM technical standard for electronic practice of medical imaging.
Academic Article Continuing quality improvement procedures for a clinical PACS.
Academic Article Digital image processing: a primer for JVIR authors and readers: part 2: digital image acquisition.
Academic Article Implementation of a large-scale picture archiving and communication system.
Academic Article Digital mammography image quality: image display.
Academic Article Clinical experience with a second-generation hospital-integrated picture archiving and communication system.
Academic Article Integrating multiple clinical information systems using the Java message service framework to enable the delivery of urgent exam results at the point of care.
Concept Radiology, Interventional
Concept Radiology Department, Hospital
Concept Radiology
Concept Radiology Information Systems
Academic Article Automated extraction of BI-RADS final assessment categories from radiology reports with natural language processing.
Academic Article Estimating patient dose from x-ray tube output metrics: automated measurement of patient size from CT images enables large-scale size-specific dose estimates.
Academic Article Automated critical test result notification system: architecture, design, and assessment of provider satisfaction.
Academic Article Four-year impact of an alert notification system on closed-loop communication of critical test results.
Academic Article High throughput tools to access images from clinical archives for research.
Academic Article The Use of an Integrated Website to Enhance the Educational Experience in a Medical School Radiology Clerkship Course.
Academic Article Social Media and Scientific Meetings: Education Exhibit "Likes" at the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting.
Grant SCAR TRIP Conference: Transforming Medical Imaging
Academic Article Clinical Applications of a CT Window Blending Algorithm: RADIO (Relative Attenuation-Dependent Image Overlay).
Academic Article The RSNA Pediatric Bone Age Machine Learning Challenge.
Academic Article The Need for a Machine Learning Curriculum for Radiologists.
Academic Article Using DICOM Metadata for Radiological Image Series Categorization: a Feasibility Study on Large Clinical Brain MRI Datasets.
Academic Article Initial Experience Integrating a Hands-On Innovation Curriculum Into a Radiology Residency Program and Department.
Academic Article Population-Scale CT-based Body Composition Analysis of a Large Outpatient Population Using Deep Learning to Derive Age-, Sex-, and Race-specific Reference Curves.
Academic Article Preparing Radiologists to Lead in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: Designing and Implementing a Focused Data Science Pathway for Senior Radiology Residents.
Academic Article A Conference-Friendly, Hands-on Introduction to Deep Learning for Radiology Trainees.
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