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Academic Article The effect of the fibrinogen concentration and the leukocyte count on intravascular fibrin deposition from soluble fibrin monomer complexes.
Academic Article The fate of soluble fibrin monomer in relation to intravascular fibrin formation and degradation in rabbits.
Academic Article The role of fibrin monomer and an in vivo thrombin-induced-anticoagulant in experimental venous thrombosis.
Academic Article The effect of heparin and dipyridamole on the deposition of fibrin-like material in rabbits infused with soluble fibrin monomer or fibrinogen.
Academic Article Thrombin elaboration in endotoxin-induced intravascular fibrin deposition. A leukocyte dependent process distinct from systemic hypercoagulability.
Academic Article Inhibition of intravascular fibrin deposition by dipyridamole in experimental animals.
Academic Article Thrombin stimulation of platelets induces plasminogen activation mediated by endogenous urokinase-type plasminogen activator.
Academic Article Laboratory identification of intravascular coagulation. The serial dilution protamine sulfate test for the detection of fibrin monomer and fibrin degradation products.
Academic Article A study of the large heparin requirements in the generalized Shwartzman reaction.
Academic Article Measurement of fibrinogen and fibrin degradation products in serum by staphylococcal clumping test.
Academic Article Fibrinogen heterogeneity in human plasma. Electrophoretic demonstration and characterization of two major fibrinogen components.
Academic Article Epinephrine potentiation of platelet aggregation: its effect on death from experimental pulmonaryeembolism.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of an in vivo thrombin-induced anticoagulant activity.
Academic Article Inactivation of single-chain urokinase (pro-urokinase) by thrombin and thrombin-like enzymes: relevance of the findings to the interpretation of fibrin-binding experiments.
Academic Article The kinetics of plasminogen activation by thrombin-cleaved pro-urokinase and promotion of its activity by fibrin fragment E-2 and by tissue plasminogen activator.
Academic Article Streptokinase in acute pulmonary embolism.
Academic Article Activation of intrinsic or extrinsic blood coagulation in experimental venous thrombosis and disseminated intravascular coagulation: pathogenetic differences.
Academic Article Thrombin time prolongation in cirrhosis in relation to enhanced fibrinogen degradation.
Academic Article Letter: Inhibitor to blood coagulation elicited by thrombin.
Academic Article A transitional state of pro-urokinase that has a higher catalytic efficiency against glu-plasminogen than urokinase.
Concept Thrombin
Academic Article Structure-function relationships in thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor: comment.
Academic Article A first-in-human study of DS-1040, an inhibitor of the activated form of thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor, in healthy subjects: comment.
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