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Academic Article New discoveries with mice mutant in endothelial and platelet selectins.
Academic Article Persistence of platelet thrombus formation in arterioles of mice lacking both von Willebrand factor and fibrinogen.
Academic Article Control of thrombus embolization and fibronectin internalization by integrin alpha IIb beta 3 engagement of the fibrinogen gamma chain.
Academic Article Formation of platelet strings and microthrombi in the presence of ADAMTS-13 inhibitor does not require P-selectin or beta3 integrin.
Academic Article Glycoprotein Ibalpha and von Willebrand factor in primary platelet adhesion and thrombus formation: lessons from mutant mice.
Academic Article ADAMTS13: a new link between thrombosis and inflammation.
Academic Article Inflammation induces hemorrhage in thrombocytopenia.
Academic Article Platelets adhere to and translocate on von Willebrand factor presented by endothelium in stimulated veins.
Academic Article Platelet granule secretion continuously prevents intratumor hemorrhage.
Academic Article Decreased plasma fibronectin leads to delayed thrombus growth in injured arterioles.
Academic Article Increased thrombogenesis and embolus formation in mice lacking glycoprotein V.
Academic Article PADGEM-dependent adhesion of platelets to monocytes and neutrophils is mediated by a lineage-specific carbohydrate, LNF III (CD15).
Academic Article Oxidative stress activates ADAM17/TACE and induces its target receptor shedding in platelets in a p38-dependent fashion.
Academic Article PADGEM protein: a receptor that mediates the interaction of activated platelets with neutrophils and monocytes.
Academic Article The role of platelet adhesion receptor GPIbalpha far exceeds that of its main ligand, von Willebrand factor, in arterial thrombosis.
Academic Article Platelets and platelet adhesion support angiogenesis while preventing excessive hemorrhage.
Academic Article Systemic antithrombotic effects of ADAMTS13.
Academic Article Plasma fibronectin promotes thrombus growth and stability in injured arterioles.
Academic Article von Willebrand factor-mediated platelet adhesion is critical for deep vein thrombosis in mouse models.
Academic Article ARC15105 is a potent antagonist of von Willebrand factor mediated platelet activation and adhesion.
Concept Platelet Adhesiveness
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