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Academic Article Prediction of the localization of high-risk coronary atherosclerotic plaques on the basis of low endothelial shear stress: an intravascular ultrasound and histopathology natural history study.
Academic Article Effect of endothelial shear stress on the progression of coronary artery disease, vascular remodeling, and in-stent restenosis in humans: in vivo 6-month follow-up study.
Academic Article Endothelial shear stress in the evolution of coronary atherosclerotic plaque and vascular remodelling: current understanding and remaining questions.
Academic Article Prediction of sites of coronary atherosclerosis progression: In vivo profiling of endothelial shear stress, lumen, and outer vessel wall characteristics to predict vascular behavior.
Academic Article Role of endothelial shear stress in the natural history of coronary atherosclerosis and vascular remodeling: molecular, cellular, and vascular behavior.
Academic Article A new methodology for accurate 3-dimensional coronary artery reconstruction using routine intravascular ultrasound and angiographic data: implications for widespread assessment of endothelial shear stress in humans.
Academic Article Attenuation of inflammation and expansive remodeling by Valsartan alone or in combination with Simvastatin in high-risk coronary atherosclerotic plaques.
Academic Article Natural history of experimental coronary atherosclerosis and vascular remodeling in relation to endothelial shear stress: a serial, in vivo intravascular ultrasound study.
Academic Article Augmented expression and activity of extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes in regions of low endothelial shear stress colocalize with coronary atheromata with thin fibrous caps in pigs.
Academic Article The effect of statins on high-risk atherosclerotic plaque associated with low endothelial shear stress.
Academic Article Prediction of progression of coronary artery disease and clinical outcomes using vascular profiling of endothelial shear stress and arterial plaque characteristics: the PREDICTION Study.
Academic Article Relation of vessel wall shear stress to atherosclerosis progression in human coronary arteries.
Academic Article Risk stratification of individual coronary lesions using local endothelial shear stress: a new paradigm for managing coronary artery disease.
Academic Article Regions of low endothelial shear stress are the sites where coronary plaque progresses and vascular remodelling occurs in humans: an in vivo serial study.
Concept Stress, Mechanical
Academic Article Thin-capped atheromata with reduced collagen content in pigs develop in coronary arterial regions exposed to persistently low endothelial shear stress.
Academic Article Anatomically correct three-dimensional coronary artery reconstruction using frequency domain optical coherence tomographic and angiographic data: head-to-head comparison with intravascular ultrasound for endothelial shear stress assessment in humans.
Academic Article Endothelial shear stress and coronary plaque characteristics in humans: combined frequency-domain optical coherence tomography and computational fluid dynamics study.
Academic Article How do we prevent the vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque from rupturing? Insights from in vivo assessments of plaque, vascular remodeling, and local endothelial shear stress.
Academic Article Atherosclerosis at arterial bifurcations: evidence for the role of haemodynamics and geometry.
Academic Article Structural Stress of Coronary Plaques to Predict Risk for Clinical Events: New Biomechanical Modeling Frontiers Derived From Plaque Anatomy.
Academic Article Arterial Remodeling and Endothelial Shear Stress Exhibit Significant Longitudinal Heterogeneity Along the Length of Coronary Plaques.
Academic Article Effects of Low Endothelial Shear Stress After Stent Implantation on Subsequent Neointimal Hyperplasia and Clinical Outcomes in Humans.
Academic Article Intravascular hemodynamics and coronary artery disease: New insights and clinical implications.
Academic Article Role of Low Endothelial Shear Stress and Plaque Characteristics in the Prediction of Nonculprit Major Adverse Cardiac Events: The PROSPECT Study.
Academic Article Local Low Shear Stress and Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients With Nonobstructive Coronary Atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Evaluation of individual plaque risk based on plaque anatomic and biomechanical characteristics: methodologies and clinical applications are approaching an inflection point.
Academic Article The effect of multidirectional wall shear stress on plaque characteristics: delving deeper into local shear stress metrics.
Academic Article Risk stratification of coronary plaques using physiologic characteristics by CCTA: Focus on shear stress.
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