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Mentoring - Completed Student Project A Comparison of Structural and Non-structural Bone Graft for Orthopedic Research
Academic Article Fractures of the distal radius.
Academic Article Consistency of AO fracture classification for the distal radius.
Academic Article Flap advancement coverage after excision of large mucous cysts.
Academic Article Difficult elbow fractures: pearls and pitfalls.
Academic Article Operative release of complete ankylosis of the elbow due to heterotopic bone in patients without severe injury of the central nervous system.
Academic Article The assessment and management of the stiff elbow.
Academic Article Comparison of elbow contracture release in elbows with and without heterotopic ossification restricting motion.
Academic Article The posttraumatic stiff elbow: a review of the literature.
Academic Article Innovation and innovators: does it take 10,000 hours?
Academic Article Enchondroma versus chondrosarcoma of the phalanx.
Academic Article Reconstruction of a traumatic transmetatarsal amputation with use of a latissimus dorsi free tissue transfer and the Ilizarov technique: a case report.
Academic Article Elbow capsulectomy for posttraumatic elbow stiffness.
Academic Article Successful reconstruction for complex malunions and nonunions of the tibia and femur.
Academic Article Posterolateral rotatory elbow subluxation with intra-articular entrapment of the radial nerve. A case report.
Academic Article A contemporary approach to the management of complex fractures of the distal humerus and their sequelae.
Academic Article Unstable nonunions of the distal part of the humerus.
Academic Article An international perspective.
Academic Article Hand surgery fellowships: time for reconsideration?
Academic Article Treatment of distal humerus fractures.
Academic Article Tension wire fixation of avulsion fractures in the hand.
Academic Article The Darrach procedure for post-traumatic reconstruction.
Academic Article Posttraumatic radial club hand.
Academic Article The role of external fixation in the treatment of posttraumatic osteomyelitis.
Academic Article Fractures of the distal humerus.
Academic Article Resection of heterotopic ossification of the elbow: a comparison of ankylosis and partial restriction.
Academic Article Operative release of ankylosis of the elbow due to heterotopic ossification. Surgical technique.
Academic Article Reconstruction of posttraumatic disorders of the forearm.
Academic Article Hand disorders in musicians: the orthopaedic surgeon's role.
Academic Article Fractures of the radial head and neck.
Academic Article Learning assessment toolkit.
Academic Article Have confidence.
Academic Article Comparison of AO Type-B and Type-C volar shearing fractures of the distal part of the radius.
Academic Article Hinged elbow external fixation for severe elbow contracture.
Concept Manipulation, Orthopedic
Concept Orthopedic Procedures
Concept Orthopedic Fixation Devices
Concept Orthopedics
Academic Article Improvement of research quality in the fields of orthopaedics and trauma: a global perspective.
Academic Article Face-to-face learning: contemporary perspectives.
Academic Article First hand: hands across the sea.
Academic Article Patient activation and disability in upper extremity illness.
Academic Article Wide-awake Hand and Wrist Surgery: A New Horizon in Outpatient Surgery.
Academic Article Medical Education Needs to Change.
Academic Article Nonacute Treatment of Elbow Fracture with Persistent Ulnohumeral Dislocation or Subluxation.
Academic Article Are We Too Quick to Alter Our Practice Patterns Because of the Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial?
Academic Article Long-Term Outcomes After Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Subsheath Reconstruction With Extensor Retinaculum.
Academic Article Improvement of Orthopedic Residency Programs and Diversity: Dilemmas and Challenges, an International Perspective.
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