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Academic Article Adoptive immunotherapy by allogeneic stem cell transplantation for metastatic renal cell carcinoma: a CALGB intergroup phase II study.
Academic Article Dendritic cell fusion vaccines for cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Can leukemia-derived dendritic cells generate antileukemia immunity?
Academic Article Evolution of cellular immunotherapy: from allogeneic transplant to dendritic cell vaccination as treatment for multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Vaccine therapy and adoptive immunotherapy in hematologic malignancies.
Academic Article Cellular immunotherapy for multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Dendritic/tumor fusion cells as cancer vaccines.
Academic Article Dendritic cell defects in patients with cancer: mechanisms and significance.
Academic Article Phase I/II study of vaccination with electrofused allogeneic dendritic cells/autologous tumor-derived cells in patients with stage IV renal cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Vaccination with dendritic cell/tumor fusion cells results in cellular and humoral antitumor immune responses in patients with multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Fusions of breast cancer and dendritic cells as a novel cancer vaccine.
Academic Article Dendritic cells: development, function and potential use for cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Induction of anti-leukemic cytotoxic T lymphocytes by fusion of patient-derived dendritic cells with autologous myeloblasts.
Academic Article Innovations and challenges in renal cancer: consensus statement from the first international conference.
Concept Immunotherapy, Active
Concept Immunotherapy, Adoptive
Concept Immunotherapy
Academic Article Vaccination with dendritic cell/tumor fusions following autologous stem cell transplant induces immunologic and clinical responses in multiple myeloma patients.
Academic Article Immunotherapy for multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Clinical trials of dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines in hematologic malignancies.
Academic Article Role of Immune Therapies for Myeloma.
Academic Article Immunotherapy for Multiple Myeloma, Past, Present, and Future: Monoclonal Antibodies, Vaccines, and Cellular Therapies.
Academic Article Immune therapy in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article MUC1 in hematological malignancies.
Academic Article Challenges in vaccine therapy in hematological malignancies and strategies to overcome them.
Academic Article The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer consensus statement on immunotherapy for the treatment of hematologic malignancies: multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and acute leukemia.
Academic Article DCOne as an Allogeneic Cell-based Vaccine for Multiple Myeloma.
Grant Directed Purinergic Signaling as Immunotherapy in Leukemia
Academic Article Anti-cancer vaccine therapy for hematologic malignancies: An evolving era.
Academic Article Vaccine therapy in hematologic malignancies.
Academic Article Prevention and treatment of relapse after stem cell transplantation with immunotherapy.
Academic Article Cellular immunotherapy as a therapeutic approach in multiple myeloma.
Academic Article Cellular Immunotherapy for Multiple Myeloma.
Academic Article Advances in the development of vaccines and other immunotherapies for multiple myeloma.
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