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Academic Article Body size mismatch between donor and recipient and the development of chronic rejection in renal transplantation.
Academic Article A variable age of onset segregation model for linkage analysis, with correction for ascertainment, applied to glioma.
Academic Article Survival rates in patients with low-grade glioma after intraoperative magnetic resonance image guidance.
Academic Article Genetic analysis of breast cancer in the cancer and steroid hormone study.
Academic Article The genetic epidemiology of cancer.
Academic Article A multifactorial intervention to reduce the risk of falling among elderly people living in the community.
Academic Article Trends in survival after surgery for breast cancer metastatic to the brain and spinal column in medicare patients: a population-based analysis.
Academic Article Outcomes for single-level lumbar fusion: the role of bone morphogenetic protein.
Academic Article Insight in glioma susceptibility through an analysis of 6p22.3, 12p13.33-12.1, 17q22-23.2 and 18q23 SNP genotypes in familial and non-familial glioma.
Academic Article Exogenous hormone use, reproductive factors, and risk of intracranial meningioma in females.
Academic Article Genetic relationship between nevus count or nevus density and cutaneous malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Segregation analysis of idiopathic torsion dystonia in Ashkenazi Jews suggests autosomal dominant inheritance.
Academic Article Risk factors for serious injury during falls by older persons in the community.
Academic Article Survey of familial glioma and role of germline p16INK4A/p14ARF and p53 mutation.
Concept Regression Analysis
Concept Survival Analysis
Concept Cluster Analysis
Concept Analysis of Variance
Concept Meta-Analysis as Topic
Concept Cost-Benefit Analysis
Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Concept Mendelian Randomization Analysis
Concept DNA Mutational Analysis
Concept Multivariate Analysis
Academic Article Hypofractionated versus standard radiation therapy with or without temozolomide for older glioblastoma patients.
Academic Article Targeted sequencing in chromosome 17q linkage region identifies familial glioma candidates in the Gliogene Consortium.
Academic Article Thrombocytopenia and craniotomy for tumor: A National Surgical Quality Improvement Program analysis.
Academic Article 145 Unplanned Reoperation After Craniotomy for Tumor: A National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Analysis.
Academic Article Body habitus, serum albumin, and the outcomes after craniotomy for tumor: a National Surgical Quality Improvement Program analysis.
Academic Article Brain Metastases in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer: A Population-Based Study.
Academic Article Readmission After Craniotomy for Tumor: A National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Analysis.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of glioma subtypes identifies specific differences in genetic susceptibility to glioblastoma and non-glioblastoma tumors.
Academic Article Unplanned Reoperation After Craniotomy for Tumor: A National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Analysis.
Academic Article Mendelian randomisation study of the relationship between vitamin D and risk of glioma.
Academic Article Glioma through the looking GLASS: molecular evolution of diffuse gliomas and the Glioma Longitudinal Analysis Consortium.
Academic Article Impact of atopy on risk of glioma: a Mendelian randomisation study.
Academic Article Genome-wide association analysis identifies a meningioma risk locus at 11p15.5.
Academic Article Comparison of Local Control of Brain Metastases With Stereotactic Radiosurgery vs Surgical Resection: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Aspirin, NSAIDs, and Glioma Risk: Original Data from the Glioma International Case-Control Study and a Meta-analysis.
Academic Article Mendelian randomization provides support for obesity as a risk factor for meningioma.
Academic Article Atypical Histopathological Features and the Risk of Treatment Failure in Nonmalignant Meningiomas: A Multi-Institutional Analysis.
Academic Article Lack of association between modifiable exposures and glioma risk: a Mendelian randomization analysis.
Academic Article Brain Tumor Discussions on Twitter (#BTSM): Social Network Analysis.
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