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Academic Article Matrix solution fixation: histology-compatible tissue preparation for MALDI mass spectrometry imaging.
Academic Article A compressive sensing approach for glioma margin delineation using mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Comprehensive biomarkers identification of meningioma progression by mass spectrometry imaging
Academic Article Desorption electrospray ionization then MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of lipid and protein distributions in single tissue sections.
Academic Article Recursive feature elimination for brain tumor classification using desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry imaging.
Academic Article Tissue preparation for the in situ MALDI MS imaging of proteins, lipids, and small molecules at cellular resolution.
Academic Article Development of stereotactic mass spectrometry for brain tumor surgery.
Academic Article Mass Spectrometry Imaging Towards Prediction of Meningioma Progression
Academic Article Classifying human brain tumors by lipid imaging with mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Classification of astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas from mass spectrometry data using sparse kernel machines.
Academic Article Small Molecule Drug Imaging of Mouse Tissue by MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometry and FTMS
Academic Article Transformative effects of higher magnetic field in Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Imaging of meningioma progression by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Discrimination of human astrocytoma subtypes by lipid analysis using desorption electrospray ionization imaging mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Recent advances in single-cell MALDI mass spectrometry imaging and potential clinical impact.
Academic Article Ambient mass spectrometry for the intraoperative molecular diagnosis of human brain tumors.
Academic Article In vitro Mouse Tissue Imaging of an Ani-Tumor Drug, Temozolomide, with MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometry
Concept Spectrometry, Mass, Electrospray Ionization
Concept Spectrometry, Mass, Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization
Concept Mass Spectrometry
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  • Mass Spectrometry
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