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Academic Article Barbiturates in the care of the terminally ill.
Academic Article The problem with futility.
Academic Article Is it time to abandon brain death?
Academic Article Randomized controlled trials: lessons from ECMO.
Academic Article 'Round-table' ethical debate: is a suicide note an authoritative 'living will'?
Academic Article Organ transplantation without brain death.
Academic Article How an anesthesiologist can use the ethics consultation service.
Academic Article Role of brain death and the dead-donor rule in the ethics of organ transplantation.
Academic Article Case reports from the Harvard Ethics Consortium.
Academic Article Sedation for intractable distress of a dying patient: acute palliative care and the principle of double effect.
Academic Article Mistrust, racism, and end-of-life treatment.
Academic Article Debate: what constitutes 'terminality' and how does it relate to a living will?
Academic Article Counterpoint: The Texas advance directives act is ethically flawed: medical futility disputes must be resolved by a fair process.
Academic Article "Do-not-resuscitate" orders during anesthesia and surgery.
Academic Article Can empirical data establish futility?
Academic Article End-of-life care in the pediatric intensive care unit: attitudes and practices of pediatric critical care physicians and nurses.
Academic Article Moral fictions and medical ethics.
Academic Article Beyond futility to an ethic of care.
Academic Article Participation of physicians in capital punishment.
Academic Article Are there some things doctors just shouldn't do?
Academic Article Triage in the ICU.
Academic Article The dead donor rule: can it withstand critical scrutiny?
Academic Article Patients and doctors--evolution of a relationship.
Academic Article Forgoing medically provided nutrition and hydration in pediatric patients.
Academic Article Counterpoint: are donors after circulatory death really dead, and does it matter? No and not really.
Academic Article Withdrawing mechanical ventilation.
Academic Article Physicians and execution--highlights from a discussion of lethal injection.
Academic Article From the files of a pediatric ethics committee.
Academic Article Death: merely biological?
Academic Article Rethinking brain death.
Academic Article Recommendations for end-of-life care in the intensive care unit: The Ethics Committee of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.
Academic Article The incoherence of determining death by neurological criteria: a commentary on "Controversies in the determination of death", a White Paper by the President's Council on Bioethics.
Academic Article Attitudes and preferences of intensivists regarding the role of family interests in medical decision making for incompetent patients.
Academic Article Death and legal fictions.
Academic Article End-of-life decision-making in the United States.
Academic Article Randomized controlled trials of potentially life-saving therapies: are they ethical?
Academic Article Organ donors after circulatory determination of death: not necessarily dead, and it does not necessarily matter.
Academic Article Amnesia instead of anesthesia: not always a question of consent.
Academic Article Progress in the futility debate.
Academic Article Life, death, and solid organ transplantation without brain death.
Academic Article Pain, euthanasia, and anesthesiologists.
Academic Article Brain death and the termination of life support: case and analysis.
Academic Article An introduction to ethics.
Academic Article Bragdon v. Abbott.
Concept Ethics, Medical
Academic Article An official American Thoracic Society/International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation/Society of Critical Care Medicine/Association of Organ and Procurement Organizations/United Network of Organ Sharing Statement: ethical and policy considerations in organ donation after circulatory determination of death.
Academic Article Talking with patients about other clinicians' errors.
Academic Article Physicians, medical ethics, and execution by lethal injection.
Academic Article Ethical considerations surrounding lethal injection--reply.
Academic Article Microethics: the ethics of everyday clinical practice.
Academic Article In Favour of Medical Dissensus: Why We Should Agree to Disagree About End-of-Life Decisions.
Academic Article What to Do When There Aren't Enough Beds in the PICU.
Academic Article Biological, Legal, and Moral Definitions of Brain Death-Reply.
Academic Article Brain Death at Fifty: Exploring Consensus, Controversy, and Contexts.
Academic Article Use of Nazi torture device image in digital scholarship article.
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