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Academic Article The effect of cost sharing on the use of chiropractic services.
Academic Article Some economics of mental health 'carve-outs'.
Academic Article Risk adjustment and Medicare: taking a closer look.
Academic Article Does managed care mean more hassle for physicians?
Academic Article Predicting hospital accounting costs.
Academic Article Rate adjusters for Medicare under capitation.
Academic Article Pricing and imperfections in the medical care marketplace.
Academic Article The costs of decedents in the Medicare program: implications for payments to Medicare + Choice plans.
Academic Article What do managed care plans do to affect care? Results from a survey of physicians.
Academic Article Effect of a health maintenance organization on physiologic health. Results from a randomized trial.
Academic Article Prepaid vs. fee-for-service study reveals consumers' attitudes.
Academic Article The effects of the coverage gap on drug spending: a closer look at Medicare Part D.
Academic Article Why is there a quality chasm?
Academic Article Incentive formularies and changes in prescription drug spending.
Academic Article Analysis Of Medicare Advantage HMOs compared with traditional Medicare shows lower use of many services during 2003-09.
Academic Article Are fee-for-service costs increasing faster than HMO costs?
Academic Article The external costs of a sedentary life-style.
Academic Article The Baxter Foundation Prize address. Measuring medical prices and understanding their effects.
Academic Article Adjusting capitation rates using objective health measures and prior utilization.
Academic Article The prevalence of formal risk adjustment in health plan purchasing.
Academic Article Risk adjustment: where are we now?
Academic Article A model of the impact of reimbursement schemes on health plan choice.
Academic Article A design for a health insurance experiment.
Academic Article National Bureau of Economic Research conference on the economics of physician and patient behavior. The conference and unresolved problems.
Academic Article Risk adjustment for a children's capitation rate.
Academic Article Comparison of health outcomes at a health maintenance organisation with those of fee-for-service care.
Academic Article An economic history of Medicare part C.
Academic Article Medicare spending on physicians - no easy fix in sight.
Academic Article Providing primary general medical care in university hospitals: efficiency and cost.
Academic Article The demand for prescription drugs as a function of cost-sharing.
Academic Article A controlled trial of the effect of a prepaid group practice on use of services.
Academic Article Geographic variation in Medicare drug spending.
Academic Article Consumer acceptance of prepaid and fee-for-service medical care: results from a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Productivity adjustment in the Medicare physician fee schedule update.
Academic Article Risk adjustment of mental health and substance abuse payments.
Academic Article Policy watch: Medicare.
Academic Article The effect of cost sharing on the use of antibiotics in ambulatory care: results from a population-based randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Use of the hospital in a randomized trial of prepaid care.
Academic Article Risk contracts in managed mental health care.
Academic Article How the Medicare Part D drug benefit changed the distribution of out-of-pocket pharmacy spending among older beneficiaries.
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Concept Capitation Fee
Concept Fees, Medical
Concept Fee-for-Service Plans
Concept Fees, Pharmaceutical
Concept Fee Schedules
Concept Fees and Charges
Concept Prescription Fees
Academic Article Service use at the end-of-life in Medicare advantage versus traditional Medicare.
Grant Reimbursement Policy and Cancer Chemotherapy
Academic Article Medicare Advantage: Issues, Insights, and Implications for the Future.
Academic Article Variation in Physician Spending and Association With Patient Outcomes.
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