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Concept Oncolytic Virotherapy
Academic Article Measles virus as an oncolytic vector platform.
Academic Article Optimising measles virus-guided radiovirotherapy with external beam radiotherapy and specific checkpoint kinase 1 inhibition.
Academic Article Evaluation of T cells as carriers for systemic measles virotherapy in the presence of antiviral antibodies.
Academic Article Preclinical pharmacology and toxicology of intravenous MV-NIS, an oncolytic measles virus administered with or without cyclophosphamide.
Academic Article Using clinically approved cyclophosphamide regimens to control the humoral immune response to oncolytic viruses.
Academic Article Polyinosinic acid decreases sequestration and improves systemic therapy of measles virus.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetics of oncolytic measles virotherapy: eventual equilibrium between virus and tumor in an ovarian cancer xenograft model.
Academic Article Curative one-shot systemic virotherapy in murine myeloma.
Academic Article Measles virus for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Meningeal myeloma deposits adversely impact the therapeutic index of an oncolytic VSV.
Academic Article Preclinical efficacy of the oncolytic measles virus expressing the sodium iodide symporter in iodine non-avid anaplastic thyroid cancer: a novel therapeutic agent allowing noninvasive imaging and radioiodine therapy.
Academic Article Dynamics of multiple myeloma tumor therapy with a recombinant measles virus.
Academic Article Overcoming cancer cell resistance to VSV oncolysis with JAK1/2 inhibitors.
Academic Article Potent systemic therapy of multiple myeloma utilizing oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus coding for interferon-ß.
Academic Article In vivo safety, biodistribution and antitumor effects of uPAR retargeted oncolytic measles virus in syngeneic cancer models.
Academic Article Heat shock protein inhibitors increase the efficacy of measles virotherapy.
Academic Article Cell carriers to deliver oncolytic viruses to sites of myeloma tumor growth.
Academic Article Oncolytic measles viruses encoding interferon beta and the thyroidal sodium iodide symporter gene for mesothelioma virotherapy.
Academic Article HSV-NIS, an oncolytic herpes simplex virus type 1 encoding human sodium iodide symporter for preclinical prostate cancer radiovirotherapy.
Academic Article High scFv-receptor affinity does not enhance the antitumor activity of HER2-retargeted measles virus.
Academic Article Phase I trial of systemic administration of Edmonston strain of measles virus genetically engineered to express the sodium iodide symporter in patients with recurrent or refractory multiple myeloma.
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