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Academic Article Dissociation, childhood trauma, and ataque de nervios among Puerto Rican psychiatric outpatients.
Academic Article Lessons learned from the clinical reappraisal study of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview with Latinos.
Academic Article Ataque de nervios as a marker of social and psychiatric vulnerability: results from the NLAAS.
Academic Article Research issues for improving treatment of U.S. Hispanics with persistent mental disorders.
Academic Article Culture and the anxiety disorders: recommendations for DSM-V.
Academic Article Long-term course of probable PTSD after the 9/11 attacks: a study in urban primary care.
Academic Article Cultural psychiatry. Theoretical, clinical, and research issues.
Academic Article Adherence disparities in mental health: opportunities and challenges.
Academic Article Symptom patterns associated with chronic PTSD in male veterans: new findings from the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study.
Academic Article Issues for DSM-V: the role of culture in psychiatric diagnosis.
Academic Article Panic disorder: a review of DSM-IV panic disorder and proposals for DSM-V.
Academic Article Culture, personality, and psychopathology.
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Academic Article Elevated rates of current PTSD among Hispanic veterans in the NVVRS: true prevalence or methodological artifact?
Academic Article A systematic review of PTSD prevalence and trajectories in DSM-5 defined trauma exposed populations: intentional and non-intentional traumatic events.
Academic Article Significance of endorsement of psychotic symptoms by US Latinos.
Academic Article Association of trauma-related disorders and dissociation with four idioms of distress among Latino psychiatric outpatients.
Academic Article The cross-cultural validity of posttraumatic stress disorder: implications for DSM-5.
Academic Article Culture and psychiatric evaluation: operationalizing cultural formulation for DSM-5.
Academic Article The cultural formulation.
Academic Article National trends in ethnic disparities in mental health care.
Academic Article Do race, ethnicity, and psychiatric diagnoses matter in the prevalence of multiple chronic medical conditions?
Academic Article Towards a cultural adaptation of family psychoeducation: findings from three latino focus groups.
Academic Article Improving treatment engagement of underserved U.S. racial-ethnic groups: a review of recent interventions.
Academic Article Toward an adaptation of interpersonal psychotherapy for Hispanic patients with DSM-IV major depressive disorder.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic differences in diabetes mellitus among people with and without psychiatric disorders: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.
Academic Article Health and wellness photovoice project: engaging consumers with serious mental illness in health care interventions.
Academic Article Perspectives of family members participating in cultural assessment of psychiatric disorders: findings from the DSM-5 International Field Trial.
Academic Article Culture and conversion disorder: implications for DSM-5.
Academic Article The development of the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview-Fidelity Instrument (CFI-FI): a pilot study.
Academic Article Racial differences in visit duration of outpatient psychiatric visits.
Academic Article Dissociative disorders in DSM-5.
Academic Article Dissociative disorders in DSM-5.
Academic Article Does the Cultural Formulation Interview for the fifth revision of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5) affect medical communication? A qualitative exploratory study from the New York site.
Academic Article Barriers to implementing the DSM-5 cultural formulation interview: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Lifestyle interventions for adults with serious mental illness: a systematic literature review.
Academic Article Cultural formulation of psychiatric diagnosis. Case No. 02. Diagnosis and treatment of Nervios and Ataques in a female Puerto Rican migrant.
Academic Article Cultural formulation of psychiatric diagnosis.
Academic Article Race-related differences in the experiences of family members of persons with mental illness participating in the NAMI Family to Family Education Program.
Academic Article Collaborative planning approach to inform the implementation of a healthcare manager intervention for Hispanics with serious mental illness: a study protocol.
Academic Article Culture and psychiatric diagnosis.
Academic Article Using the collaborative intervention planning framework to adapt a health-care manager intervention to a new population and provider group to improve the health of people with serious mental illness.
Academic Article Primary health care experiences of hispanics with serious mental illness: a mixed-methods study.
Academic Article Assessing Cultural Psychiatry Milestones Through an Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
Academic Article Cultural considerations in the classification of mental disorders: why and how in ICD-11.
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