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Academic Article Engineering robust and functional vascular networks in vivo with human adult and cord blood-derived progenitor cells.
Academic Article Fibroblast growth factor-2 facilitates rapid anastomosis formation between bioengineered human vascular networks and living vasculature.
Academic Article Type I collagen, fibrin and PuraMatrix matrices provide permissive environments for human endothelial and mesenchymal progenitor cells to form neovascular networks.
Academic Article Host myeloid cells are necessary for creating bioengineered human vascular networks in vivo.
Academic Article Chapter 13. An in vivo experimental model for postnatal vasculogenesis.
Academic Article Equal modulation of endothelial cell function by four distinct tissue-specific mesenchymal stem cells.
Concept Neovascularization, Physiologic
Academic Article Human white adipose tissue vasculature contains endothelial colony-forming cells with robust in vivo vasculogenic potential.
Academic Article Microfluidic capture of endothelial colony-forming cells from human adult peripheral blood: phenotypic and functional validation in vivo.
Academic Article Enzymatic regulation of functional vascular networks using gelatin hydrogels.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal release of BMP-2 and VEGF enhances osteogenic and vasculogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial colony-forming cells co-encapsulated in a patterned hydrogel.
Academic Article Endothelial Progenitors: A Consensus Statement on Nomenclature.
Academic Article Endothelial colony forming cells and mesenchymal progenitor cells form blood vessels and increase blood flow in ischemic muscle.
Academic Article Comparison of covalently and physically cross-linked collagen hydrogels on mediating vascular network formation for engineering adipose tissue.
Academic Article In Vivo Vascular Network Forming Assay.
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  • Neovascularization Physiologic
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