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Academic Article Analysis of carnitine esters by radio-high performance liquid chromatography in cultured skin fibroblasts from patients with mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation disorders.
Academic Article Untargeted metabolomic analysis hits the target.
Academic Article Detection of inborn errors of fatty acid oxidation from acylcarnitine analysis of plasma and blood spots with the radioisotopic exchange-high-performance liquid chromatographic method.
Academic Article A rapid ultra performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometric method for measuring amino acids associated with maple syrup urine disease, tyrosinaemia and phenylketonuria.
Academic Article Simpler liquid-chromatographic screening for organic acid disorders.
Academic Article Experience with a simple high-performance liquid chromatography method for the analysis of purine and pyrimidine nucleosides and bases in biological fluids.
Concept Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Academic Article Future directions in metabolic disease testing.
Academic Article Measurement of plasma amino acids by Ultraperformance® Liquid Chromatography.
Academic Article In vivo metabolic flux profiling with stable isotopes discriminates sites and quantifies effects of mitochondrial dysfunction in C. elegans.
Academic Article An interference-free two-step enzyme assay with UPLC-tandem mass spectrometric product measurement for the clinical diagnosis of uridine diphosphate galactose-4-epimerase deficiency.
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  • Chromatography High Pressure Liquid
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