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overview Dr. Mattei is the Donald and Sue Pritzker Associate Professor of Nutrition at the Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She investigates the genetic, dietary, and psychosocial risk factors of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and allostatic load in racial and ethnic groups as well as underserved and minority populations, as a framework to explain health disparities. Her emphasis is on Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America. Her multiple projects include longitudinal cohort studies in Puerto Rico, mixed-methods projects on diet, stress, and weight stigma, collaborations with epidemiological cohorts of Hispanics/Latinos in the Unites States, and culturally-tailored dietary interventions to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease in Boston and Puerto Rico. Her work extends to several Latin American countries through collaborative partnerships. Dr. Mattei promotes evidence-based policy and programs for chronic disease prevention in Puerto Rico and US-Latino communities. Her ultimate goal is to help Latinos and other ethnic and minority populations eat healthy and be healthy. Dr. Mattei’s productive body of work was recognized in 2016 with a Mark Bieber Award for Outstanding Nutrition-related Research by the American Heart Association, of which she is recognized as a Fellow (FAHA), and the 2019 Paul Sorlie Early Career Investigator Award from HCHS/SOL. Dr. Mattei is deeply involved in mentoring students and postdocs, and in enhancing the graduate learning and research experience. Dr. Mattei works diligently towards the inclusion and advancement of under-represented groups in epidemiological and community studies, of minority students in public health education, and of women and minorities in science and academia.
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Academic Article Association between commercial and traditional sugar-sweetened beverages and measures of adiposity in Costa Rica.
Academic Article A higher ratio of beans to white rice is associated with lower cardiometabolic risk factors in Costa Rican adults.
Academic Article A meat, processed meat, and French fries dietary pattern is associated with high allostatic load in Puerto Rican older adults.
Academic Article Substituting homemade fruit juice for sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome among Hispanic adults.
Concept Diet
Concept Diet, Reducing
Concept Diet Surveys
Concept Diet, Mediterranean
Concept Diet Records
Academic Article Higher adherence to a diet score based on American Heart Association recommendations is associated with lower odds of allostatic load and metabolic syndrome in Puerto Rican adults.
Academic Article Dietary diabetes risk reduction score, race and ethnicity, and risk of type 2 diabetes in women.
Academic Article Greater healthful food variety as measured by the US Healthy Food Diversity index is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome and its components in US adults.
Academic Article The APOA1/C3/A4/A5 cluster and markers of allostatic load in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Academic Article Changes in Diet Quality Scores and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among US Men and Women.
Academic Article Association between a Healthy Lifestyle Score and inflammatory markers among Puerto Rican adults.
Academic Article Greater Healthful Dietary Variety Is Associated with Greater 2-Year Changes in Weight and Adiposity in the Preventing Overweight Using Novel Dietary Strategies (POUNDS Lost) Trial.
Academic Article Seasoning ingredient variety, but not quality, is associated with greater intake of beans and rice among urban Costa Rican adults.
Academic Article Diet Quality and Its Association with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Vary by Hispanic and Latino Ethnic Background in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos.
Academic Article Diet-dependent acid load and type 2 diabetes: pooled results from three prospective cohort studies.
Academic Article Lifestyle Cardiovascular Risk Score, Genetic Risk Score, and Myocardial Infarction in Hispanic/Latino Adults Living in Costa Rica.
Academic Article Challenges and opportunities in establishing a collaborative multisite observational study of chronic diseases and lifestyle factors among adults in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article The Mediterranean Diet Score Is More Strongly Associated with Favorable Cardiometabolic Risk Factors over 2 Years Than Other Diet Quality Indexes in Puerto Rican Adults.
Academic Article Diet quality, inflammation, and the ankle brachial index in adults with or without cardiometabolic conditions.
Academic Article Association of Changes in Diet Quality with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality.
Academic Article Sociodemographic and Lifestyle Factors, and Health Conditions of Dominican Adults Living in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Diet and Sleep Physiology: Public Health and Clinical Implications.
Academic Article Dietary fat modulation of hepatic lipase variant -514 C/T for lipids: a crossover randomized dietary intervention trial in Caribbean Hispanics.
Academic Article Frequency of Intake and Type of Away-from- Home Foods Consumed Are Associated with Diet Quality in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL).
Academic Article Mediterranean Diet and Cardiometabolic Diseases in Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations in the United States.
Academic Article Diet quality among US-born and foreign-born non-Hispanic blacks: NHANES 2003-2012 data.
Academic Article The Influence of Diet on Fertility and the Implications for Public Health Nutrition in the United States.
Academic Article Dietary Acculturation among Puerto Rican Adults Varies by Acculturation Construct and Dietary Measure.
Academic Article A Guide to Applying the Sex-Gender Perspective to Nutritional Genomics.
Grant Diet quality and cardiometabolic disparities among Latino ethnic subgroups
Grant Project Title: PROSPECT: Puerto Rico Observational Study of Psychosocial, Environmental, and Chronic Disease Trends
Academic Article Nepal Pioneer Worksite Intervention Study to lower cardio-metabolic risk factors: design and protocol.
Academic Article The Mediterranean Diet and 2-Year Change in Cognitive Function by Status of Type 2 Diabetes and Glycemic Control.
Academic Article Association Between Intentional Purchase of Local Food Products and Diet Quality Among Adults in Puerto Rico (P04-148-19).
Academic Article Dietary Intake and Its Determinants Among Adults Living in the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico.
Academic Article DASH diet and prevalent metabolic syndrome in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos.
Academic Article Food insecurity and dietary intake by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation status among mainland US Puerto Rican adults after the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Academic Article Mediterranean Diet Adherence Modulates Anthropometric Measures by TCF7L2 Genotypes among Puerto Rican Adults.
Academic Article Alternate Healthy Eating Index is Positively Associated with Cognitive Function Among Middle-Aged and Older Hispanics/Latinos in the HCHS/SOL.
Academic Article Drivers of healthy eating in a workplace in Nepal: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, Mediterranean, and Alternative Healthy Eating indices are associated with bone health among Puerto Rican adults from the Boston Puerto Rican Osteoporosis Study.
Academic Article Comparing Methods from the National Cancer Institute vs Multiple Source Method for Estimating Usual Intake of Nutrients in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latino Youth.
Academic Article The association between purchasing locally produced food and diet quality among adults in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Diet quality, excess body weight and cardiometabolic risk factors in adolescents living in São Paulo, Brazil and in the USA: differences and similarities.
Academic Article Associations Between Perceived Stress and Dietary Intake in Adults in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Weight self-perception in adolescents: evidence from a population-based study.
Academic Article Dysfunctional Eating Behaviors and Dietary Intake in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Associations between diet quality scores and central obesity among adults in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Association of a Single-Item Self-Rated Diet Construct With Diet Quality Measured With the Alternate Healthy Eating Index.
Academic Article Facilitators and barriers to healthy eating in a worksite cafeteria: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Specific Dietary Protein Sources Are Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Academic Article A Traditional Costa Rican Adolescents' Diet Score Is a Valid Tool to Capture Diet Quality and Identify Sociodemographic Groups With Suboptimal Diet.
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