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Academic Article Somatic style and symptom reporting in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Predictors of remission in DSM hypochondriasis.
Academic Article Hypochondriasis and somatosensory amplification.
Academic Article Psychobiological perspectives on somatoform disorders.
Academic Article Correlation between somatic sensation inventory scores and hyperarousal scale scores.
Academic Article Amplification, somatization, and the somatoform disorders.
Academic Article Determinants of perceived health status of medical outpatients.
Academic Article Panic disorder patients and their medical care.
Academic Article The amplification of somatic symptoms.
Academic Article Hypochondriasis and obsessive compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Relationship between somatosensory amplification and alexithymia in a Japanese psychosomatic clinic.
Academic Article Somatization increases medical utilization and costs independent of psychiatric and medical comorbidity.
Academic Article Mapping the road from childhood trauma to adult somatization: the role of attachment.
Academic Article Distinctive patterns of medical care utilization in patients who somatize.
Academic Article Somatic symptom reporting in women and men.
Academic Article Somatization increases disability independent of comorbidity.
Academic Article Less specific arm illnesses.
Academic Article Discomfort and disability in upper respiratory tract infection.
Academic Article Somatization and symptom reduction through a behavioral medicine intervention in a mind/body medicine clinic.
Academic Article Cardiorespiratory symptoms in response to physiological arousal.
Academic Article Resource utilization of patients with hypochondriacal health anxiety and somatization.
Academic Article Somatized psychiatric disorder presenting as palpitations.
Academic Article Panic disorder, palpitations, and the awareness of cardiac activity.
Academic Article Psychiatric disorders in medical outpatients complaining of palpitations.
Academic Article A research agenda for outpatient consultation-liaison psychiatry.
Academic Article Accurate awareness of heartbeat in hypochondriacal and non-hypochondriacal patients.
Academic Article Hypochondriasis and panic disorder. Boundary and overlap.
Academic Article Do women somatize more than men? Gender differences in somatization.
Academic Article Satisfaction with and effectiveness of medical care in relation to anxiety and depression. Patient and physician ratings compared.
Academic Article Somatic preoccupations of future pregnancy.
Academic Article The course of transient hypochondriasis.
Academic Article Somatization and medicalization in the era of managed care.
Concept Somatoform Disorders
Academic Article Somatoform disorders and personality traits.
Academic Article A randomized trial of treatments for high-utilizing somatizing patients.
Academic Article A neural circuit framework for somatosensory amplification in somatoform disorders.
Academic Article Assessing the New DSM-5 Diagnosis of Somatic Symptom Disorder.
Academic Article The Relationship of Hypochondriasis to Anxiety, Depressive, and Somatoform Disorders.
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  • Somatoform Disorders
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