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Academic Article Patient-centeredness and its correlates among first year medical students.
Academic Article Information and its impact on satisfaction among surgical patients.
Academic Article Unsaid but not forgotten: patients' unvoiced desires in office visits.
Academic Article Patient-physician fit: an idea whose time has come.
Academic Article The practice orientations of physicians and patients: the effect of doctor-patient congruence on satisfaction.
Academic Article The Four Habits Coding Scheme: validation of an instrument to assess clinicians' communication behavior.
Academic Article Patient assertiveness and physician decision-making among older breast cancer patients.
Academic Article Enhancing clinician communication skills in a large healthcare organization: a longitudinal case study.
Academic Article Patient participation in medical consultations: why some patients are more involved than others.
Academic Article Beliefs about control in the physician-patient relationship: effect on communication in medical encounters.
Academic Article Designing and implementing a cultural competence OSCE: lessons learned from interviews with medical students.
Academic Article Matching patients and practitioners based on beliefs about care: results of a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Patient trust in the physician: relationship to patient requests.
Academic Article Can naive viewers put themselves in the patients' shoes?: reliability and validity of the analogue patient methodology.
Academic Article Choice of a primary care physician and its relationship to adherence among patients with diabetes.
Academic Article Measuring patient views of physician communication skills: development and testing of the Communication Assessment Tool.
Academic Article "Four Habits" goes abroad: report from a pilot study in Norway.
Academic Article Brazilian medical students' attitudes towards patient-centered care.
Academic Article Professional boundaries: the perspective of the third year medical student in negotiating three boundary challenges.
Academic Article Unmet expectations for care and the patient-physician relationship.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a short course in clinical communication skills for hospital doctors: results of a crossover randomized controlled trial (ISRCTN22153332).
Academic Article Context matters, but let's not go too far.
Academic Article Direct observation of requests for clinical services in office practice: what do patients want and do they get it?
Academic Article Patient choice. A randomized controlled trial of provider selection.
Academic Article Further validation of the Patient-Practitioner Orientation Scale (PPOS) from recorded visits for back pain.
Academic Article The impact of cross-cultural interactions on medical students' preparedness to care for diverse patients.
Academic Article Interrater reliability for the Four Habits Coding Scheme as part of a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Caring attitudes in medical education: perceptions of deans and curriculum leaders.
Academic Article When physicians and patients think alike: patient-centered beliefs and their impact on satisfaction and trust.
Academic Article Request fulfillment in office practice: antecedents and relationship to outcomes.
Academic Article The ability of a behaviour-specific patient questionnaire to identify poorly performing doctors.
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article The German version of the Four Habits Coding Scheme - association between physicians' communication and shared decision making skills in the medical encounter.
Academic Article Into the future: patient-centredness endures in longitudinal integrated clerkship graduates.
Academic Article When I say … chief complaint.
Academic Article Through the Veil of Language: Exploring the Hidden Curriculum for the Care of Patients With Limited English Proficiency.
Academic Article Attitudes Toward Patient-Centered Care in the Mental Care Services in Isfahan, Iran.
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