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Academic Article Loss of 'complexity' and aging. Potential applications of fractals and chaos theory to senescence.
Academic Article Is the normal heartbeat chaotic or homeostatic?
Academic Article When human walking becomes random walking: fractal analysis and modeling of gait rhythm fluctuations.
Academic Article Fractal variability versus pathologic periodicity: complexity loss and stereotypy in disease.
Academic Article Stochastic feedback and the regulation of biological rhythms.
Academic Article Getting to the heart of chaos: nonlinear dynamics in clinical cardiology
Academic Article Fractals and the birth of Gothic: reflections on the biologic basis of creativity.
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics, fractals and chaos: applications to cardiac electrophysiology.
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics, chaos and complex cardiac arrhythmias
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics at the bedside
Academic Article Modeling heart rate variability by stochastic feedback.
Academic Article Quantifying fractal dynamics of human respiration: age and gender effects.
Academic Article Quantification of scaling exponents and crossover phenomena in nonstationary heartbeat time series.
Academic Article Giles f. Filley lecture. Complex systems.
Academic Article Predicting survival in heart failure case and control subjects by use of fully automated methods for deriving nonlinear and conventional indices of heart rate dynamics.
Academic Article Statistical physics and physiology: monofractal and multifractal approaches.
Academic Article Heart rate dynamics before spontaneous onset of ventricular fibrillation in patients with healed myocardial infarcts.
Academic Article Fractal mechanisms in the electrophysiology of the heart.
Academic Article Applications of nonlinear dynamics to clinical cardiology.
Academic Article NIH/NCRR Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals website, featuring original databases and nonlinear dynamics tutorial programs (www.physionet.org)
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics and autonomic control of the heartbeat: homeostasis revisited
Academic Article Fractal mechanisms in neural control: human heartbeat and gait dynamics in health and disease
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics, electrical alternans, and pericardial tamponade.
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics of the heartbeat I. The AV junction: active oscillator vs. passive conduit
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics of the heartbeat II. Subharmonic bifurcations of the cardiac interbeat interval in human sinus node disease
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics in heart failure: implications of long-wavelength cardiopulmonary oscillations.
Academic Article I) Basic concepts: Introduction to chaos theory, fractals, and complexity in medicine. II) Fractal scaling in health and its breakdown with disease
Academic Article Chaos theory and creativity: the biological basis of innovation
Academic Article Non-equilibrium dynamics as an indispensable characteristic of a healthy biological system.
Academic Article Non-linear dynamics for clinicians: chaos theory, fractals, and complexity at the bedside.
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics, fractals, and chaos theory: Implications for neuroautonomic heart rate control in health and disease
Academic Article Cardiac interbeat interval dynamics from childhood to senescence : comparison of conventional and new measures based on fractals and chaos theory.
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics, fractals, cardiac physiology, and sudden death
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamics in sudden cardiac death syndrome: heartrate oscillations and bifurcations.
Concept Nonlinear Dynamics
Academic Article Dynamical density delay maps: simple, new method for visualising the behaviour of complex systems.
Academic Article Blood pressure variability: can nonlinear dynamics enhance risk assessment during cardiovascular surgery?
Grant Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals
Grant Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals
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