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Academic Article Small-group judgment methods for determining resource-based relative values.
Academic Article Examining what's ahead for payment reform. Interview by C. Burns Roehrig.
Academic Article Comparing health care systems: what nations can learn from one another.
Academic Article Results and policy implications of the resource-based relative-value study.
Academic Article Results, potential effects, and implementation issues of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale.
Academic Article A method for estimating the preservice and postservice work of physicians' services.
Academic Article Potential effects of an RBRVS-based payment system on health care costs and hospitals.
Academic Article Reforming physician payments: the Hsiao RVS study.
Academic Article The impact of quality on the demand for outpatient services in Cyprus.
Academic Article Results and impacts of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale.
Academic Article The Resource-Based Relative Value Scale. Toward the development of an alternative physician payment system.
Academic Article Resource-based relative values for invasive procedures performed by eight surgical specialties.
Academic Article Assessing the implementation of physician-payment reform.
Academic Article An overview of the development and refinement of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale. The foundation for reform of U.S. physician payment.
Academic Article Resource-based relative values. An overview.
Academic Article Extrapolation of measures of work for surveyed services to other services.
Academic Article Medicare benefits: a reassessment.
Academic Article Economies of scope in physicians' work: the performance of multiple surgery.
Academic Article Paying physicians according to their resource-costs: the development of a resource-based relative value scale.
Academic Article Toward developing a relative value scale for medical and surgical services.
Academic Article RBRVS: objections to Maloney, I.
Academic Article Is community financing necessary and feasible for rural China?
Academic Article Evaluation and management services in the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale.
Academic Article An experiment in payment reform for doctors in rural China reduced some unnecessary care but did not lower total costs.
Academic Article Realignment of incentives for health-care providers in China.
Academic Article Refinement and expansion of the Harvard Resource-Based Relative Value Scale: the second phase.
Academic Article Cross-specialty linkage of resource-based relative value scales. Linking specialties by services and procedures of equal work.
Academic Article Estimating physicians' work for a resource-based relative-value scale.
Academic Article Will this man's formula revolutionize medicine?. Interview by Michele Robinson.
Academic Article Measurement and analysis of intraservice work.
Academic Article 'A more rational tool' for assessing physician fee schedule.
Academic Article Relative cost differences among physicians' specialty practices.
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Concept Fees, Medical
Concept Fee-for-Service Plans
Concept Fee Schedules
Concept Fees and Charges
Academic Article Capitation combined with pay-for-performance improves antibiotic prescribing practices in rural China.
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