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Academic Article Functional properties of WT1.
Academic Article Mullerian inhibiting substance inhibits breast cancer cell growth through an NFkappa B-mediated pathway.
Academic Article Mullerian Inhibiting Substance induces NFkB signaling in breast and prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article BRCA1 and GADD45 mediated G2/M cell cycle arrest in response to antimicrotubule agents.
Academic Article Mullerian Inhibiting Substance inhibits cervical cancer cell growth via a pathway involving p130 and p107.
Academic Article Mullerian inhibiting substance suppresses tumor growth in the C3(1)T antigen transgenic mouse mammary carcinoma model.
Academic Article Transforming Growth Factor-beta superfamily: evaluation as breast cancer biomarkers and preventive agents.
Academic Article Circulating breast tumor cells exhibit dynamic changes in epithelial and mesenchymal composition.
Academic Article Induction of p21 by the Wilms' tumor suppressor gene WT1.
Academic Article Detection of mutations in EGFR in circulating lung-cancer cells.
Academic Article Expression of the NF-kappaB-responsive gene BTG2 is aberrantly regulated in breast cancer.
Academic Article Genomic alterations of anaplastic lymphoma kinase may sensitize tumors to anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors.
Academic Article Induction of GADD45 and JNK/SAPK-dependent apoptosis following inducible expression of BRCA1.
Academic Article Aberrant overexpression of satellite repeats in pancreatic and other epithelial cancers.
Academic Article A dose-ranging study of cabozantinib in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer and bone metastases.
Academic Article Mullerian inhibiting substance promotes interferon gamma-induced gene expression and apoptosis in breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Isolation of rare circulating tumour cells in cancer patients by microchip technology.
Academic Article HOXB9 expression promoting tumor cell proliferation and angiogenesis is associated with clinical outcomes in breast cancer patients.
Academic Article Physical and functional interaction between WT1 and p53 proteins.
Academic Article Truncated WT1 mutants alter the subnuclear localization of the wild-type protein.
Academic Article Ligand-dependent platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR)-alpha activation sensitizes rare lung cancer and sarcoma cells to PDGFR kinase inhibitors.
Academic Article RNA sequencing of pancreatic circulating tumour cells implicates WNT signalling in metastasis.
Academic Article Mullerian inhibiting substance inhibits ovarian cell growth through an Rb-independent mechanism.
Academic Article A developmentally regulated inducer of EMT, LBX1, contributes to breast cancer progression.
Academic Article Androgen receptor signaling in circulating tumor cells as a marker of hormonally responsive prostate cancer.
Academic Article Mullerian inhibiting substance regulates androgen-induced gene expression and growth in prostate cancer cells through a nuclear factor-kappaB-dependent Smad-independent mechanism.
Academic Article Loss of B-cell translocation gene-2 in estrogen receptor-positive breast carcinoma is associated with tumor grade and overexpression of cyclin d1 protein.
Academic Article Breast tumor progression induced by loss of BTG2 expression is inhibited by targeted therapy with the ErbB/HER inhibitor lapatinib.
Academic Article Human ovarian cancer, cell lines, and primary ascites cells express the human Mullerian inhibiting substance (MIS) type II receptor, bind, and are responsive to MIS.
Academic Article Isolation of circulating tumor cells using a microvortex-generating herringbone-chip.
Academic Article Enhanced purification and production of Müllerian inhibiting substance for therapeutic applications.
Academic Article Mutually antagonistic effects of androgen and activin in the regulation of prostate cancer cell growth.
Academic Article Mullerian-inhibiting substance induces Gro-beta expression in breast cancer cells through a nuclear factor-kappaB-dependent and Smad1-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article The T790M "gatekeeper" mutation in EGFR mediates resistance to low concentrations of an irreversible EGFR inhibitor.
Academic Article Circulating tumor cells: a window into cancer biology and metastasis.
Academic Article A chromatin-mediated reversible drug-tolerant state in cancer cell subpopulations.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells from patients with localized and metastatic prostate cancer.
Academic Article The integrin alpha(v)beta(3-5) ligand MFG-E8 is a p63/p73 target gene in triple-negative breast cancers but exhibits suppressive functions in ER(+) and erbB2(+) breast cancers.
Academic Article Identification of genotype-correlated sensitivity to selective kinase inhibitors by using high-throughput tumor cell line profiling.
Academic Article HOXB9, a gene overexpressed in breast cancer, promotes tumorigenicity and lung metastasis.
Academic Article Circulating tumor cells: approaches to isolation and characterization.
Concept Colonic Neoplasms
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Concept Bone Neoplasms
Concept Abdominal Neoplasms
Concept Neoplasms, Hormone-Dependent
Concept Neoplasms, Experimental
Concept Colorectal Neoplasms
Concept Pancreatic Neoplasms
Concept Ovarian Neoplasms
Concept Kidney Neoplasms
Concept Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental
Concept Muscle Neoplasms
Concept Brain Neoplasms
Concept Lung Neoplasms
Concept Skin Neoplasms
Concept Neoplasms
Concept Lymphatic Metastasis
Concept Early Detection of Cancer
Concept Uterine Cervical Neoplasms
Concept Liver Neoplasms
Concept Prostatic Neoplasms
Concept Neoplasm Metastasis
Academic Article Antagonism of EGFR and HER3 enhances the response to inhibitors of the PI3K-Akt pathway in triple-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Isolation and molecular characterization of circulating melanoma cells.
Academic Article Bevacizumab terminates homeobox B9-induced tumor proliferation by silencing microenvironmental communication.
Academic Article Cancer therapy. Ex vivo culture of circulating breast tumor cells for individualized testing of drug susceptibility.
Academic Article Brain tumor cells in circulation are enriched for mesenchymal gene expression.
Academic Article Circulating tumor cell clusters are oligoclonal precursors of breast cancer metastasis.
Academic Article Single-cell RNA sequencing identifies extracellular matrix gene expression by pancreatic circulating tumor cells.
Academic Article Tunable nanostructured coating for the capture and selective release of viable circulating tumor cells.
Academic Article A microfluidic device for label-free, physical capture of circulating tumor cell clusters.
Academic Article MAPK7 Regulates EMT Features and Modulates the Generation of CTCs.
Academic Article The WTX Tumor Suppressor Interacts with the Transcriptional Corepressor TRIM28.
Academic Article Inhibition of mutant EGFR in lung cancer cells triggers SOX2-FOXO6-dependent survival pathways.
Academic Article Biodegradable nano-films for capture and non-invasive release of circulating tumor cells.
Academic Article Ex Vivo Culture of CTCs: An Emerging Resource to Guide Cancer Therapy.
Academic Article RNA-Seq of single prostate CTCs implicates noncanonical Wnt signaling in antiandrogen resistance.
Academic Article SETD1A modulates cell cycle progression through a miRNA network that regulates p53 target genes.
Academic Article Cell fate: Transition loses its invasive edge.
Academic Article Pericentromeric satellite repeat expansions through RNA-derived DNA intermediates in cancer.
Academic Article SETD1A induced miRNA network suppresses the p53 gene expression module.
Academic Article Detection of T790M, the Acquired Resistance EGFR Mutation, by Tumor Biopsy versus Noninvasive Blood-Based Analyses.
Grant MIS mediated inhibition of breast cancer cell growth
Academic Article Genomic Instability Is Induced by Persistent Proliferation of Cells Undergoing Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition.
Academic Article HER2 expression identifies dynamic functional states within circulating breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Analyses of circulating tumor cell (CTC) dynamics and treatment response in prostate cancer using the CTC-chip microfluidic device.
Academic Article An RNA-based signature enables high specificity detection of circulating tumor cells in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Academic Article Expression of ß-globin by cancer cells promotes cell survival during blood-borne dissemination.
Academic Article ATR inhibition disrupts rewired homologous recombination and fork protection pathways in PARP inhibitor-resistant BRCA-deficient cancer cells.
Academic Article Cancer metastasis through the prism of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in circulating tumor cells.
Academic Article Preservative solution that stabilizes erythrocyte morphology and leukocyte viability under ambient conditions.
Academic Article Improved Detection of Circulating Epithelial Cells in Patients with Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms.
Academic Article Monolithic Chip for High-throughput Blood Cell Depletion to Sort Rare Circulating Tumor Cells.
Academic Article Microfluidic isolation of platelet-covered circulating tumor cells.
Academic Article A conduit to metastasis: circulating tumor cell biology.
Academic Article Whole blood stabilization for the microfluidic isolation and molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells.
Academic Article An RNA-Based Digital Circulating Tumor Cell Signature Is Predictive of Drug Response and Early Dissemination in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article On the trail of invasive cells in breast cancer.
Academic Article AR Expression in Breast Cancer CTCs Associates with Bone Metastases.
Academic Article Molecular signatures of circulating melanoma cells for monitoring early response to immune checkpoint therapy.
Academic Article Ultra-fast vitrification of patient-derived circulating tumor cell lines.
Academic Article Genomic and Functional Fidelity of Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient-Derived Xenografts.
Grant Metastasis and biophysics of clusters of circulating tumor cells in the microcirculation
Academic Article En Route to Metastasis: Circulating Tumor Cell Clusters and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition.
Academic Article A Digital RNA Signature of Circulating Tumor Cells Predicting Early Therapeutic Response in Localized and Metastatic Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Detection and Analysis of Circulating Epithelial Cells in Liquid Biopsies From Patients With Liver Disease.
Academic Article Improved Detection of Circulating Epithelial Cells in Patients with Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms.
Academic Article COX-2 mediates tumor-stromal prolactin signaling to initiate tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Visualizing Engrafted Human Cancer and Therapy Responses in Immunodeficient Zebrafish.
Academic Article Stromal Microenvironment Shapes the Intratumoral Architecture of Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article Blood-based monitoring identifies acquired and targetable driver HER2 mutations in endocrine-resistant metastatic breast cancer.
Academic Article Combination Olaparib and Temozolomide in Relapsed Small-Cell Lung Cancer.
Academic Article Quantitative Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells Using RNA-Based Digital Scoring.
Academic Article Deregulation of ribosomal protein expression and translation promotes breast cancer metastasis.
Academic Article On the trail of invasive cells in breast cancer.
Academic Article Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity in Circulating Tumor Cells, the Precursors of Metastasis.
Academic Article Identification of Somatically Acquired BRCA1/2 Mutations by cfDNA Analysis in Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Pancreatic circulating tumor cell profiling identifies LIN28B as a metastasis driver and drug target.
Academic Article The Lipogenic Regulator SREBP2 Induces Transferrin in Circulating Melanoma Cells and Suppresses Ferroptosis.
Academic Article HIF1A signaling selectively supports proliferation of breast cancer in the brain.
Academic Article Translational Regulation of Cancer Metastasis.
Grant High-flow microfluidics of leukapheresis blood products for functional analysis of breast circulating tumor cells
Academic Article Evaluation of endocrine resistance using ESR1 genotyping of circulating tumor cells and plasma DNA.
Grant Microfluidic sorting of lung cancer cells from leukapheresis product as an alternative to metastatic tumor biopsy
Academic Article NR4A1 regulates expression of immediate early genes, suppressing replication stress in cancer.
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