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Academic Article Adverse effects of atrioventricular synchronous right ventricular pacing on left ventricular sympathetic activity, efficiency, and hemodynamic status.
Academic Article Hemodynamic determinants of thallium-201 lung uptake in patients during atrial pacing stress.
Academic Article Identification of lateral cardiac veins for cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Academic Article Left ventricular pressure-volume diagrams and end-systolic pressure-volume relations in human beings.
Academic Article Cardiac resynchronization therapy: an option for inotrope-supported patients with end-stage heart failure?
Academic Article Biventricular pacing in patients with right ventricular pacing-induced heart failure.
Academic Article The pacing stress test reexamined: correlation of pacing-induced hemodynamic changes with the amount of myocardium at risk.
Academic Article Deployment of left ventricular lead from the ipsilateral side of central vein obstruction.
Academic Article The pacing stress test: thallium-201 myocardial imaging after atrial pacing. Diagnostic value in detecting coronary artery disease compared with exercise testing.
Academic Article The pacing stress test: a reexamination of the relation between coronary artery disease and pacing-induced electrocardiographic changes.
Academic Article Regional myocardial blood flow and left ventricular diastolic properties in pacing-induced ischemia.
Academic Article Left ventricular strain patterns in dilated cardiomyopathy predict response to cardiac resynchronization therapy: timing is not everything.
Academic Article Cardiac resynchronization therapy: retiming the failing right ventricle.
Academic Article Regression of ST depressions despite ongoing ischemia.
Academic Article Noninvasive external cardiac pacing for thallium-201 scintigraphy.
Concept Cardiac Pacing, Artificial
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