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Academic Article Relationship of variable region genes expressed by a human B cell lymphoma secreting pathologic anti-Pr2 erythrocyte autoantibodies.
Academic Article Anti-idiotypic antibodies specific for a pathologic anti-Pr2 cold agglutinin.
Academic Article Etiologic aspects of cold agglutinin disease: evidence for cytogenetically defined clones of lymphoid cells and the demonstration that an anti-Pr cold autoantibody is derived from a chromosomally aberrant B cell clone.
Academic Article Naturally occurring anti-i/I cold agglutinins may be encoded by different VH3 genes as well as the VH4.21 gene segment.
Academic Article A combination of IgG and IgM autoantibodies in chronic cold agglutinin disease: immunologic studies and response to splenectomy.
Academic Article Comparative biochemical and genetic characterization of clonally related human B-cell lines secreting pathogenic anti-Pr2 cold agglutinins.
Academic Article Natural and pathologic human autoimmune responses to carbohydrate antigens on red blood cells.
Academic Article Evidence for the overexpression of the VH4-34 (VH4.21) Ig gene segment in the normal adult human peripheral blood B cell repertoire.
Academic Article VH4.21-encoded natural autoantibodies with anti-i specificity mirror those associated with cold hemagglutinin disease.
Academic Article B-cell origin of cold agglutinins.
Academic Article Anti-B cell autoantibodies encoded by VH 4-21 genes in human fetal spleen do not require in vivo somatic selection.
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