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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Local inflammation imaging to predict plaque rupture
Academic Article Noninvasive vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 imaging identifies inflammatory activation of cells in atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Pioglitazone suppresses inflammation in vivo in murine carotid atherosclerosis: novel detection by dual-target fluorescence molecular imaging.
Academic Article Intra-arterial catheter for simultaneous microstructural and molecular imaging in vivo.
Academic Article Osteogenesis associates with inflammation in early-stage atherosclerosis evaluated by molecular imaging in vivo.
Academic Article A light-activated theranostic nanoagent for targeted macrophage ablation in inflammatory atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Molecular imaging of macrophage protease activity in cardiovascular inflammation in vivo.
Academic Article Cellular imaging of inflammation in atherosclerosis using magnetofluorescent nanomaterials.
Academic Article Inflammation modulates murine venous thrombosis resolution in vivo: assessment by multimodal fluorescence molecular imaging.
Academic Article Real-time catheter molecular sensing of inflammation in proteolytically active atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Indocyanine green enables near-infrared fluorescence imaging of lipid-rich, inflamed atherosclerotic plaques.
Academic Article Noninvasive assessment of myocardial inflammation by cardiovascular magnetic resonance in a rat model of experimental autoimmune myocarditis.
Academic Article Shining light and illuminating murine atherosclerosis via optical coherence tomography.
Academic Article Two-dimensional intravascular near-infrared fluorescence molecular imaging of inflammation in atherosclerosis and stent-induced vascular injury.
Concept Inflammation Mediators
Concept Inflammation
Academic Article High-resolution optical mapping of inflammatory macrophages following endovascular arterial injury.
Academic Article Imaging atherosclerosis and risk of plaque rupture.
Academic Article The effect of matrix metalloproteinase 2 and matrix metalloproteinase 2/9 deletion in experimental post-thrombotic vein wall remodeling.
Academic Article Imaging and nanomedicine in inflammatory atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Inflammation and neovascularization intertwined in atherosclerosis: imaging of structural and molecular imaging targets.
Academic Article Imaging inflammation and neovascularization in atherosclerosis: clinical and translational molecular and structural imaging targets.
Grant Intravascular Fluorescence Molecular Imaging of Inflammation in Atherosclerosis
Grant NIRF-OFDI of Inflammation in Atheroma Progression and Stent Complications
Academic Article Everolimus-eluting stents stabilize plaque inflammation in vivo: assessment by intravascular fluorescence molecular imaging.
Grant Novel PET/CT and Treatment Strategies to reduce PTS following DVT
Academic Article Imaging the Intersection of Oxidative Stress, Lipids, and Inflammation: Progress Toward Personalized Care of Atherosclerosis.
Grant Intravascular molecular-structural NIRF-IVUS imaging of coronary artery disease
Academic Article Ly6CLo Monocyte/Macrophages are Essential for Thrombus Resolution in a Murine Model of Venous Thrombosis.
Academic Article Atorvastatin Reduces In Vivo Fibrin Deposition and Macrophage Accumulation, and Improves Primary Patency Duration and Maturation of Murine Arteriovenous Fistula.
Grant Intravascular NIRF-IVUS imaging of inflammation-guided arterial therapy
Academic Article Paclitaxel Drug-Coated Balloon Angioplasty Suppresses Progression and Inflammation of Experimental Atherosclerosis in Rabbits.
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