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Academic Article Nutrition therapy in the critically ill child.
Academic Article Accuracy of abbreviated indirect calorimetry protocols for energy expenditure measurement in critically ill children.
Academic Article Cumulative energy imbalance in the pediatric intensive care unit: role of targeted indirect calorimetry.
Academic Article Resting energy expenditure after Fontan surgery in children with single-ventricle heart defects.
Academic Article Severe weight loss and hypermetabolic paroxysmal dysautonomia following hypoxic ischemic brain injury: the role of indirect calorimetry in the intensive care unit.
Academic Article Energy imbalance and the risk of overfeeding in critically ill children.
Concept Calorimetry, Indirect
Academic Article Gas exchange measurement during pediatric mechanical ventilation--agreement between gas sampling at the airway and the ventilator exhaust.
Academic Article Accuracy of gas exchange monitoring during noninvasive ventilation: an in vitro metabolic simulation.
Academic Article Accuracy of a simplified equation for energy expenditure based on bedside volumetric carbon dioxide elimination measurement--a two-center study.
Academic Article Variability of resting energy expenditure in infants and young children with intestinal failure-associated liver disease.
Academic Article Current applications of metabolic monitoring in the pediatric intensive care unit.
Academic Article Challenges to nutrition therapy in the pediatric critically ill obese patient.
Academic Article Validation of the V(max) metabolic cart in a simulated pediatric model.
Academic Article Carbon dioxide elimination and oxygen consumption in mechanically ventilated children.
Academic Article A Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Elimination Measurements Between a Portable Indirect Calorimeter and Volumetric Capnography Monitor: An In Vitro Simulation.
Academic Article The science and art of pediatric critical care nutrition.
Academic Article Estimating Energy Expenditure in Critically Ill Children: Still Shooting in the Dark?
Academic Article Energy and Protein Delivery in Overweight and Obese Children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
Academic Article Nutritional status, metabolic state and nutrient intake in children with bronchiolitis.
Academic Article Estimating Energy Expenditure and Metabolism at the Bedside-Still Shooting in the Dark?
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  • Calorimetry Indirect
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