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Academic Article The discrimination of facial expressions by typically developing infants and toddlers and those experiencing early institutional care.
Academic Article The impact of early institutional rearing on the ability to discriminate facial expressions of emotion: an event-related potential study.
Academic Article Psychiatric outcomes in young children with a history of institutionalization.
Academic Article Neural correlates of emotion processing in typically developing children and children of diabetic mothers.
Academic Article Neural processing of facial identity and emotion in infants at high-risk for autism spectrum disorders.
Academic Article Use of event-related potentials in the study of typical and atypical development.
Academic Article Early adverse experiences and the neurobiology of facial emotion processing.
Academic Article An ERP study of emotional face processing in the adult and infant brain.
Academic Article Event-related potentials to emotional and neutral stimuli.
Academic Article Tuning the developing brain to social signals of emotions.
Academic Article Neural correlates of infants' visual responsiveness to facial expressions of emotion.
Academic Article Neural and behavioral correlates of emotion recognition in children and adults.
Academic Article Event-related potentials in year-old infants: relations with emotionality and cortisol.
Academic Article The NimStim set of facial expressions: judgments from untrained research participants.
Academic Article Recognition of facial expressions by seven-month-old infants.
Academic Article Fearful faces but not fearful eyes alone delay attention disengagement in 7-month-old infants.
Academic Article Validity of evidence-derived criteria for reactive attachment disorder: indiscriminately social/disinhibited and emotionally withdrawn/inhibited types.
Academic Article Alterations in neural processing and psychopathology in children raised in institutions.
Concept Expressed Emotion
Concept Emotions
Academic Article Emotion recognition following early psychosocial deprivation.
Academic Article Eye-tracking, autonomic, and electrophysiological correlates of emotional face processing in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article The development and neural bases of facial emotion recognition.
Academic Article Sounds elicit relative left frontal alpha activity in 2-month-old infants.
Academic Article Effects of early institutionalization on the development of emotion processing: a case for relative sparing?
Academic Article The effects of early foster care intervention on attention biases in previously institutionalized children in Romania.
Academic Article Infants' neural responses to facial emotion in the prefrontal cortex are correlated with temperament: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study.
Academic Article Looking to the eyes influences the processing of emotion on face-sensitive event-related potentials in 7-month-old infants.
Academic Article Behavioral and neural correlates of emotional development: typically developing infants and infants of depressed and/or anxious mothers.
Academic Article The Effects of Early Institutionalization on the Discrimination of Facial Expressions of Emotion in Young Children.
Academic Article The beneficial effects of a positive attention bias amongst children with a history of psychosocial deprivation.
Academic Article Testing the effects of expression, intensity and age on emotional face processing in ASD.
Academic Article The effects of early institutionalization on emotional face processing: evidence for sparing via an experience-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Effects of early institutionalization on emotion processing in 12-year-old youth.
Academic Article Neural correlates of facial emotion processing in infancy.
Academic Article Recognition of facial emotions of varying intensities by three-year-olds.
Mentoring - Current Student Opportunity Neurophysiological and Metabolic Risk Markers of Childhood Anxiety (Emotion Project)
Academic Article Rapid face processing for positive and negative emotions in 5-, 7-, and 12-month-old infants: An exploratory study.
Academic Article Attentional bias to fearful faces in infants at high risk for autism spectrum disorder.
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