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Academic Article Meta-analysis for rare events.
Academic Article Combining predictors for classification using the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve.
Academic Article Predicting clustered dental implant survival using frailty methods.
Academic Article Comparing costs associated with risk stratification rules for t-year survival.
Academic Article Evaluating prognostic accuracy of biomarkers under competing risk.
Academic Article The sensitivity and specificity of markers for event times.
Academic Article Hazard regression for interval-censored data with penalized spline.
Academic Article Joint inferences on vaccine efficacy against infection and disease with application to the first HIV vaccine efficacy trial.
Academic Article Comments on 'Evaluating the added predictive ability of a new marker: From area under the ROC curve to reclassification and beyond' by M. J. Pencina et al., Statistics in Medicine (DOI: 10.1002/sim.2929).
Academic Article Using electronic medical records to enable large-scale studies in psychiatry: treatment resistant depression as a model.
Academic Article Frailty approach for the analysis of clustered failure time observations in dental research.
Academic Article Semiparametric models of time-dependent predictive values of prognostic biomarkers.
Academic Article Incorporating short-term outcome information to predict long-term survival with discrete markers.
Academic Article Evaluating prognostic accuracy of biomarkers in nested case-control studies.
Academic Article Robust combination of multiple diagnostic tests for classifying censored event times.
Academic Article Iodinated contrast opacification gradients in normal coronary arteries imaged with prospectively ECG-gated single heart beat 320-detector row computed tomography.
Academic Article On the covariate-adjusted estimation for an overall treatment difference with data from a randomized comparative clinical trial.
Academic Article Predictors of severe outcomes associated with Clostridium difficile infection in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Similar risk of depression and anxiety following surgery or hospitalization for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
Academic Article Graphical procedures for evaluating overall and subject-specific incremental values from new predictors with censored event time data.
Academic Article The performance of risk prediction models.
Academic Article A prediction model for type 2 diabetes risk among Chinese people.
Academic Article Kernel machine SNP-set analysis for censored survival outcomes in genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Model checking for ROC regression analysis.
Academic Article Psychiatric co-morbidity is associated with increased risk of surgery in Crohn's disease.
Academic Article Issues in genomic screening: critical values, sample sizes, and the ability to detect linkage.
Academic Article Analysis of randomized comparative clinical trial data for personalized treatment selections.
Academic Article Rare-variant association testing for sequencing data with the sequence kernel association test.
Academic Article Narrowing the phase window width in prospectively ECG-gated single heart beat 320-detector row coronary CT angiography.
Academic Article Kernel machine approach to testing the significance of multiple genetic markers for risk prediction.
Academic Article Application of the time-dependent ROC curves for prognostic accuracy with multiple biomarkers.
Academic Article Regularized estimation for the accelerated failure time model.
Academic Article Evaluating the predictive value of biomarkers with stratified case-cohort design.
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Models, Genetic
Concept Linear Models
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Models, Biological
Concept Proportional Hazards Models
Academic Article Subgroup specific incremental value of new markers for risk prediction.
Academic Article Landmark risk prediction of residual life for breast cancer survival.
Academic Article Evaluating incremental values from new predictors with net reclassification improvement in survival analysis.
Academic Article A unified inference procedure for a class of measures to assess improvement in risk prediction systems with survival data.
Academic Article Adopting nested case-control quota sampling designs for the evaluation of risk markers.
Academic Article A predictive phosphorylation signature of lung cancer.
Academic Article Modeling disease severity in multiple sclerosis using electronic health records.
Academic Article Omnibus risk assessment via accelerated failure time kernel machine modeling.
Academic Article Improving the power of genetic association tests with imperfect phenotype derived from electronic medical records.
Academic Article Mode of childbirth and long-term outcomes in women with inflammatory bowel diseases.
Academic Article Sparse kernel machine regression for ordinal outcomes.
Academic Article Alternatives to Hazard Ratios for Comparing the Efficacy or Safety of Therapies in Noninferiority Studies.
Academic Article Common Genetic Variants Influence Circulating Vitamin D Levels in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
Academic Article Retrospective likelihood-based methods for analyzing case-cohort genetic association studies.
Academic Article Assessing incremental value of biomarkers with multi-phase nested case-control studies.
Academic Article Kernel machine testing for risk prediction with stratified case cohort studies.
Academic Article Mediation analysis for survival data using semiparametric probit models.
Grant Robust Approaches to the Development and Evaluation of Prognostic Classifiers
Academic Article A predictive enrichment procedure to identify potential responders to a new therapy for randomized, comparative controlled clinical studies.
Academic Article Inference for survival prediction under the regularized Cox model.
Academic Article Robust risk prediction with biomarkers under two-phase stratified cohort design.
Academic Article Prioritizing individual genetic variants after kernel machine testing using variable selection.
Academic Article Model Checking Techniques for Assessing Functional Form Specifications in Censored Linear Regression Models.
Academic Article On longitudinal prediction with time-to-event outcome: Comparison of modeling options.
Academic Article Estimation and testing for multiple regulation of multivariate mixed outcomes.
Academic Article Evaluating surrogate marker information using censored data.
Academic Article Risk Classification with an Adaptive Naive Bayes Kernel Machine Model.
Academic Article A general statistical framework for subgroup identification and comparative treatment scoring.
Academic Article Sequence robust association test for familial data.
Academic Article Augmented estimation for t-year survival with censored regression models.
Academic Article Analysis of multiple diverse phenotypes via semiparametric canonical correlation analysis.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein C-III and High-Density Lipoprotein Subspecies Defined by Apolipoprotein C-III in Relation to Diabetes Risk.
Academic Article L1-Regularized Least Squares for Support Recovery of High Dimensional Single Index Models with Gaussian Designs.
Academic Article Origins of lymphatic and distant metastases in human colorectal cancer.
Academic Article Association of intracranial aneurysm rupture with smoking duration, intensity, and cessation.
Academic Article Alcohol Consumption and Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.
Academic Article Heroin Use Is Associated with Ruptured Saccular Aneurysms.
Academic Article Adverse obstetric outcomes during delivery hospitalizations complicated by suicidal behavior among US pregnant women.
Academic Article Lipid-Lowering Agents and High HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) Are Inversely Associated With Intracranial Aneurysm Rupture.
Academic Article Pathway aggregation for survival prediction via multiple kernel learning.
Academic Article Evaluating longitudinal markers under two-phase study designs.
Academic Article Association of Interleukin 6 Receptor Variant With Cardiovascular Disease Effects of Interleukin 6 Receptor Blocking Therapy: A Phenome-Wide Association Study.
Academic Article Elevated International Normalized Ratio Is Associated With Ruptured Aneurysms.
Academic Article Automated feature selection of predictors in electronic medical records data.
Academic Article Assessing the value of a censored surrogate outcome.
Academic Article Decreased Total Iron Binding Capacity May Correlate with Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms.
Academic Article Using a surrogate marker for early testing of a treatment effect.
Grant Semi-supervised Algorithms for Risk Assessment with Noisy EHR Data
Academic Article Integrative genomic testing of cancer survival using semiparametric linear transformation models.
Academic Article Plasma CD36 and Incident Diabetes: A Case-Cohort Study in Danish Men and Women.
Academic Article Estimating average treatment effects with a double-index propensity score.
Academic Article Robust and efficient semi-supervised estimation of average treatment effects with application to electronic health records data.
Academic Article Developing and evaluating risk prediction models with panel current status data.
Academic Article Model-free approach to quantifying the proportion of treatment effect explained by a surrogate marker.
Grant Studying exceptional treatment non-responders and genetics to predict treatment response in rheumatoid arthritis
Grant Semi-supervised Approaches to Denoising Electronic Health Records Data for Risk Prediction
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