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Academic Article Ergonomics and human factors in endoscopic surgery: a comparison of manual vs telerobotic simulation systems.
Academic Article Notebook computer use on a desk, lap and lap support: effects on posture, performance and comfort.
Academic Article The validity and interrater reliability of video-based posture observation during asymmetric lifting tasks.
Academic Article Touch-screen tablet user configurations and case-supported tilt affect head and neck flexion angles.
Academic Article Different computer tasks affect the exposure of the upper extremity to biomechanical risk factors.
Academic Article Effects of keyswitch design and finger posture on finger joint kinematics and dynamics during tapping on computer keyswitches.
Academic Article Evaluation of two posture survey instruments for assessing computing postures among college students.
Academic Article Observed differences in upper extremity forces, muscle efforts, postures, velocities and accelerations across computer activities in a field study of office workers.
Academic Article Thumb motor performance varies with thumb and wrist posture during single-handed mobile phone use.
Academic Article Effect of horizontal position of the computer keyboard on upper extremity posture and muscular load during computer work.
Academic Article Developing a framework for assessing muscle effort and postures during computer work in the field: the effect of computer activities on neck/shoulder muscle effort and postures.
Academic Article Changes in posture through the use of simple inclines with notebook computers placed on a standard desk.
Academic Article A single video camera postural assessment system to measure rotation of the shoulder during computer use.
Academic Article Lifting style and participant's sex do not affect optimal inertial sensor location for ambulatory assessment of trunk inclination.
Academic Article Evidence-based guidelines for the wise use of computers by children: physical development guidelines.
Academic Article Upper extremity biomechanics in computer tasks differ by gender.
Academic Article Smaller external notebook mice have different effects on posture and muscle activity.
Academic Article Assessing manual lifting tasks based on segment angle interpolations.
Academic Article A multi-method study evaluating computing-related risk factors among college students.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomic hazards among Iranian physicians.
Academic Article Does elevating and tilting the input device support surface affect typing force and postural exposures of the wrist?
Academic Article Developing a framework for predicting upper extremity muscle activities, postures, velocities, and accelerations during computer use: the effect of keyboard use, mouse use, and individual factors on physical exposures.
Academic Article Seat inclination, use of lumbar support and low-back pain of taxi drivers.
Concept Posture
Academic Article Wrist and shoulder posture and muscle activity during touch-screen tablet use: effects of usage configuration, tablet type, and interacting hand.
Academic Article The effect of overcommitment and reward on muscle activity, posture, and forces in the arm-wrist-hand region--a field study among computer workers.
Academic Article Wrist posture affects hand and forearm muscle stress during tapping.
Academic Article The effect of over-commitment and reward on trapezius muscle activity and shoulder, head, neck, and torso postures during computer use in the field.
Academic Article Effects of forearm and palm supports on the upper extremity during computer mouse use.
Academic Article Joint contribution to fingertip movement during a number entry task: an application of Jacobian matrix.
Academic Article Office workers' computer use patterns are associated with workplace stressors.
Academic Article Prediction of trapezius muscle activity and shoulder, head, neck, and torso postures during computer use: results of a field study.
Academic Article Evaluating the effect of four different pointing device designs on upper extremity posture and muscle activity during mousing tasks.
Academic Article Age-related differences in inter-joint coordination during stair walking transitions.
Academic Article Two-handed grip on a mobile phone affords greater thumb motor performance, decreased variability, and a more extended thumb posture than a one-handed grip.
Academic Article The state of ergonomics for mobile computing technology.
Academic Article Estimating 3D L5/S1 moments and ground reaction forces during trunk bending using a full-body ambulatory inertial motion capture system.
Academic Article A Psychophysical Protocol to Develop Ergonomic Recommendations for Sitting and Standing Workstations.
Grant Upper Extremity Dynamics During Keying
Grant Tools for exposure assessment of physical risk factors
Academic Article Associations between trunk flexion and physical activity of patient care workers for a single shift: A pilot study.
Academic Article Evaluating biomechanics of user-selected sitting and standing computer workstation.
Academic Article A research framework for the development and implementation of interventions preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
Academic Article Predicting Forearm Physical Exposures During Computer Work Using Self-Reports, Software-Recorded Computer Usage Patterns, and Anthropometric and Workstation Measurements.
Academic Article Gait adaptations of older adults on an uneven brick surface can be predicted by age-related physiological changes in strength.
Academic Article Tablet form factors and swipe gesture designs affect thumb biomechanics and performance during two-handed use.
Academic Article Late-cueing of gait tasks on an uneven brick surface impacts coordination and center of mass control in older adults.
Academic Article Late-cueing of gait tasks on an uneven brick surface impacts coordination and center of mass control in older adults.
Academic Article Knee muscle co-contractions are greater in old compared to young adults during walking and stair use.
Academic Article Machine learning algorithms can classify outdoor terrain types during running using accelerometry data.
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