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Academic Article Youth tobacco use: a global perspective for child health care clinicians.
Academic Article Tobacco smoke exposure is associated with the metabolic syndrome in adolescents.
Academic Article Parental smoking cessation to protect young children: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Parents smoking in their cars with children present.
Academic Article US adult attitudes and practices regarding smoking restrictions and child exposure to environmental tobacco smoke: changes in the social climate from 2000-2001.
Academic Article State-of-the-art interventions for office-based parental tobacco control.
Academic Article Tobacco smoke exposure in a sample of Boston public housing residents.
Academic Article Tobacco is a global paediatric concern.
Academic Article Reducing secondhand smoke exposure among children and adolescents: emerging issues for intervening with medically at-risk youth.
Academic Article Tobacco smoke exposure and chronic conditions of childhood.
Academic Article A smoking cessation intervention for parents of children who are hospitalized for respiratory illness: the stop tobacco outreach program.
Academic Article Tobacco-smoke exposure in children who live in multiunit housing.
Academic Article Toward a population free of tobacco smoke exposure.
Academic Article Regulation of smoking in public housing.
Academic Article Development, design, and conceptual issues of project zero exposure: A program to protect young children from tobacco smoke exposure.
Academic Article Intervention with parental smokers in an outpatient pediatric clinic using counseling and nicotine replacement.
Academic Article Tobacco counseling at well-child and tobacco-influenced illness visits: opportunities for improvement.
Academic Article Addressing parental smoking in pediatrics and family practice: a national survey of parents.
Academic Article Thirdhand tobacco smoke: emerging evidence and arguments for a multidisciplinary research agenda.
Academic Article School absenteeism among children living with smokers.
Academic Article Acceptability of testing children for tobacco-smoke exposure: a national parent survey.
Academic Article Sensitivity to secondhand smoke exposure predicts future smoking susceptibility.
Academic Article Clinical effort against secondhand smoke exposure: development of framework and intervention.
Academic Article Medicaid expenditures for children living with smokers.
Academic Article Pediatrician interventions and thirdhand smoke beliefs of parents.
Academic Article Beliefs about the health effects of "thirdhand" smoke and home smoking bans.
Academic Article Global teens and tobacco: a review of the globalization of the tobacco epidemic.
Academic Article Ban smoking in public housing.
Concept Smoke
Concept Tobacco Smoke Pollution
Academic Article Distance-based training in two community health centers to address tobacco smoke exposure of children.
Academic Article Assessing secondhand smoke exposure with reported measures.
Academic Article Implementation of a parental tobacco control intervention in pediatric practice.
Academic Article Biomarker evidence of tobacco smoke exposure in children participating in lead screening.
Academic Article Kids Safe and Smokefree (KiSS): a randomized controlled trial of a multilevel intervention to reduce secondhand tobacco smoke exposure in children.
Academic Article Strict smoke-free home policies among smoking parents in pediatric settings.
Academic Article Triple tobacco screen: opportunity to help families become smokefree.
Academic Article Cigarette smoke toxins deposited on surfaces: implications for human health.
Academic Article Thirdhand smoke beliefs of parents.
Academic Article Engaging in secondhand smoke reduction discussions with parents of hospitalized pediatric patients: a national survey of pediatric nurses in the United States.
Academic Article A pilot study of concurrent lead and cotinine screening for childhood tobacco smoke exposure: effect on parental smoking.
Academic Article Addressing parental smoking in pediatric settings of chinese hospitals: a qualitative study of parents.
Academic Article Tobacco smoke incursions in multiunit housing.
Academic Article Enhancing the electronic health record to increase counseling and quit-line referral for parents who smoke.
Academic Article An intervention to address secondhand tobacco smoke exposure among nonsmokers hospitalized with coronary heart disease.
Academic Article Secondhand smoke exposure assessment and counseling in the Chinese pediatric setting: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Black versus white differences in rates of addressing parental tobacco use in the pediatric setting.
Academic Article Secondhand tobacco smoke exposure among hospitalized nonsmokers with coronary heart disease.
Academic Article Hair nicotine levels in children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia.
Academic Article State-of-the-art office-based interventions to eliminate youth tobacco use: the past decade.
Academic Article Chinese pediatrician beliefs about counseling and medications for parents who smoke: a survey in southern China.
Academic Article Chinese Pediatrician Attitudes and Practices Regarding Child Exposure to Secondhand Smoke (SHS) and Clinical Efforts against SHS Exposure.
Academic Article Overcoming challenges in the changing environment of practice-based research.
Academic Article Changes in Tobacco Smoke Exposure following the Institution of a Smoke-Free Policy in the Boston Housing Authority.
Academic Article Secondhand Smoke Exposure Reduction Intervention in Chinese Households of Young Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Effectiveness of Interventions to Reduce Tobacco Smoke Pollution in Homes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Assessment of Residents' Attitudes and Satisfaction Before and After Implementation of a Smoke-Free Policy in Boston Multiunit Housing.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Complete Home Smoking Ban among Chinese Parents of Young Children.
Academic Article Tobacco Use Disorder: A Family Disease.
Academic Article Proactive enrollment of parents to tobacco quitlines in pediatric practices is associated with greater quitline use: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Are Chinese pediatricians missing the opportunity to help parents quit smoking?
Grant Changing Pediatric Practice to Address Parental Smoking
Grant Changing Pediatric Office Systems Nationally to Address Parental Tobacco Use
Academic Article The Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) Intervention: A Decade of Lessons Learned.
Academic Article The Effect of a Pilot Pediatric In-Patient Department-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention on Parental Smoking and Children's Secondhand Smoke (SHS) Exposure in Guangxi, China.
Academic Article Prevalence and location of tobacco smoke exposure outside the home in adults and children in the United States.
Academic Article Tobacco-Smoke Incursions and Satisfaction Among Residents With Children in Multiunit Housing, United States, 2013.
Academic Article Guidance for the Clinical Management of Thirdhand Smoke Exposure in the Child Health Care Setting.
Academic Article Adult Attitudes and Practices Regarding Smoking Restrictions and Child Tobacco Smoke Exposure: 2000 to 2015.
Academic Article Implementing Tobacco Control Assistance in Pediatric Departments of Chinese Hospitals: A Feasibility Study.
Academic Article An Office-Initiated Multilevel Intervention for Tobacco Smoke Exposure: A Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Screening for Behavioral Risk Factors Is Not Enough to Improve Preventive Services Delivery.
Academic Article Maximizing the Impact of Tobacco 21 Laws Across the United States.
Academic Article Kids Safe and Smokefree (KiSS) Multilevel Intervention to Reduce Child Tobacco Smoke Exposure: Long-Term Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Smoke exposure and cardio-metabolic profile in youth with type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Assessing pediatric tobacco exposure using parent report: comparison with hair nicotine.
Academic Article Perceptions of Parental Tobacco Dependence Treatment Among a Children's Hospital Staff.
Academic Article Pediatric Office Delivery of Smoking Cessation Assistance for Breast-Feeding Mothers.
Academic Article Public Support for Smoke-Free Section 8 Public Housing.
Academic Article Parental Smoking and E-cigarette Use in Homes and Cars.
Academic Article Parental Dual Use of e-Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes.
Academic Article Treating Parents for Tobacco Use in the Pediatric Setting: The Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Parents' Self-efficacy for Tobacco Exposure Protection and Smoking Abstinence Mediate Treatment Effects on Child Cotinine at 12-Month Follow-up: Mediation Results from the Kids Safe and Smokefree Trial.
Grant Electronic Pediatric Office Systems to Support Treatment for Parental Tobacco Use
Academic Article Tobacco Smoke Exposure Reduction Strategies-Do They Work?
Grant Assessment of Biomarkers in Children to Help Parents Quit Tobacco
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