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Academic Article The reality of pediatric emergency mass critical care in the developing world.
Academic Article Mass casualty management of a large-scale bioterrorist event: an epidemiological approach that shapes triage decisions.
Academic Article Disaster triage systems for large-scale catastrophic events.
Academic Article The new normal: twelve months of resiliency and recovery in Christchurch.
Academic Article Epidemiological characteristics of human stampedes.
Academic Article Pediatric emergency mass critical care: the role of community preparedness in conserving critical care resources.
Academic Article Evolving need for alternative triage management in public health emergencies: a Hurricane Katrina case study.
Academic Article Human stampedes: a systematic review of historical and peer-reviewed sources.
Academic Article Treatment and triage recommendations for pediatric emergency mass critical care.
Academic Article The evaluation of research methods during disaster exercises: applicability for improving disaster health management.
Academic Article Impact of public health emergencies on modern disaster taxonomy, planning, and response.
Academic Article The elephant in the room: collaboration and competition among relief organizations during high-profile disasters.
Academic Article Cambodian Bon Om Touk stampede highlights preventable tragedy.
Academic Article Ram Janki Temple: understanding human stampedes.
Concept Mass Casualty Incidents
Academic Article Qualitative Analysis of Surveyed Emergency Responders and the Identified Factors That Affect First Stage of Primary Triage Decision-Making of Mass Casualty Incidents.
Academic Article Revisiting the Battle of Solferino: The Worsening Plight of Civilian Casualties in War and Conflict.
Academic Article The gap of knowledge and skill - One reason for unsuccessful management of mass casualty incidents and disasters.
Academic Article The importance of pre-training gap analyses and the identification of competencies and skill requirements of medical personnel for mass casualty incidents and disaster training.
Academic Article A translational triage research development tool: standardizing prehospital triage decision-making systems in mass casualty incidents.
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  • Mass Casualty Incidents
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