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Academic Article The reality of pediatric emergency mass critical care in the developing world.
Academic Article Pediatric trauma at tertiary-level hospitals in the aftermath of the Bam, Iran Earthquake.
Academic Article Population-based triage management in response to surge-capacity requirements during a large-scale bioevent disaster.
Academic Article The changing face of disaster management: implications for healthcare providers in the Pacific Islands.
Academic Article A proposed universal medical and public health definition of terrorism.
Academic Article Revisiting blood transfusion preparedness: experience from the Bam earthquake response.
Academic Article Disaster triage systems for large-scale catastrophic events.
Academic Article Integrating international responses to complex emergencies, unconventional war, and terrorism.
Academic Article Utility of fear severity and individual resilience scoring as a surge capacity, triage management tool during large-scale, bio-event disasters.
Academic Article Burden of surgical disease: strategies to manage an existing public health emergency.
Academic Article Implementation of evidence-based humanitarian programs in military-led missions: part I. Qualitative gap analysis of current military and international aid programs.
Academic Article Public health emergencies, cancer, and the legacy of Katrina.
Academic Article An authority for crisis coordination and accountability.
Academic Article An influenza exercise in a major urban setting. II. Development of a health emergency operations center.
Academic Article Pediatric emergency mass critical care: the role of community preparedness in conserving critical care resources.
Academic Article Evolving need for alternative triage management in public health emergencies: a Hurricane Katrina case study.
Academic Article Development of prehospital, population-based triage-management protocols for pandemics.
Academic Article Becoming responsible in a "socially seismic" environment: mental health as a marker of community recovery.
Academic Article Requirements for independent community-based quality assessment and accountability practices in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief activities.
Academic Article Emergency surgery data and documentation reporting forms for sudden-onset humanitarian crises, natural disasters and the existing burden of surgical disease.
Academic Article Definition and functions of health unified command and emergency operations centers for large-scale bioevent disasters within the existing ICS.
Academic Article Treatment and triage recommendations for pediatric emergency mass critical care.
Academic Article The evaluation of research methods during disaster exercises: applicability for improving disaster health management.
Academic Article Potential roles of military-specific response to natural disasters -- analysis of the rapid deployment of a mobile surgical team to the 2007 Peruvian earthquake.
Academic Article Impact of public health emergencies on modern disaster taxonomy, planning, and response.
Academic Article Consensus statements regarding the multidisciplinary care of limb amputation patients in disasters or humanitarian emergencies: report of the 2011 Humanitarian Action Summit Surgical Working Group on amputations following disasters or conflict.
Academic Article Implementation of evidence-based humanitarian programs in military-led missions: part II. The impact assessment model.
Academic Article Users' guides to the medical literature: how to use an article about mortality in a humanitarian emergency.
Academic Article Lessons from the front lines: the prehospital experience of the 2009 novel H1N1 outbreak in Victoria, Australia.
Academic Article Best practice guidelines on surgical response in disasters and humanitarian emergencies: report of the 2011 Humanitarian Action Summit Working Group on Surgical Issues within the Humanitarian Space.
Academic Article Ram Janki Temple: understanding human stampedes.
Academic Article Emergency medical assistance team response following Taiwan Chi-Chi earthquake.
Academic Article Urbanization and Humanitarian Access Working Group: a blueprint for the development of prevention and preparedness indicators for urban humanitarian crises.
Concept Social Responsibility
Concept Emergency Medical Services
Concept Emergency Medical Technicians
Concept Emergency Treatment
Concept Emergency Medical Service Communication Systems
Concept Emergencies
Concept Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine
Concept Emergency Service, Hospital
Concept Emergency Medicine
Academic Article Throwing the baby out with the bathwater: can the military's role in global health crises be redeemed?
Academic Article Hunger strikers: historical perspectives from the emergency management of refugee camp asylum seekers.
Academic Article Reshaping US Navy Pacific response in mitigating disaster risk in South Pacific Island nations: adopting community-based disaster cycle management.
Academic Article Education and training initiatives for crisis management in the European Union: a web-based analysis of available programs.
Academic Article Identifying deficiencies in national and foreign medical team responses through expert opinion surveys: implications for education and training.
Academic Article Resource-poor settings: response, recovery, and research: care of the critically ill and injured during pandemics and disasters: CHEST consensus statement.
Academic Article Making disaster care count: consensus formulation of measures of effectiveness for natural disaster acute phase medical response.
Academic Article Identifying Deficiencies in National and Foreign Medical Team Responses Through Expert Opinion Surveys: Implications for Education and Training--ERRATUM.
Academic Article Academic Institutions' Critical Guidelines for Health Care Workers Who Deploy to West Africa for the Ebola Response and Future Crises.
Academic Article Managing Community Resilience to Climate Extremes, Rapid Unsustainable Urbanization, Emergencies of Scarcity, and Biodiversity Crises by Use of a Disaster Risk Reduction Bank.
Academic Article Decoding vital signs during triage: pulse pressure in children.
Academic Article The World Health Organization Global Health Emergency Workforce: What Role Will the United States Play?
Academic Article Assessment of disaster preparedness among emergency departments in Italian hospitals: a cautious warning for disaster risk reduction and management capacity.
Academic Article Qualitative Analysis of Surveyed Emergency Responders and the Identified Factors That Affect First Stage of Primary Triage Decision-Making of Mass Casualty Incidents.
Academic Article Hospital Disaster Preparedness in Italy: a preliminary study utilizing the World Health Organization Hospital Emergency Response Evaluation Toolkit.
Academic Article Education and Training of Emergency Medical Teams: Recommendations for a Global Operational Learning Framework.
Academic Article Triage and the Lost Art of Decoding Vital Signs: Restoring Physiologically Based Triage Skills in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies.
Academic Article Ahmadreza Djalali: questions everyone must ask.
Academic Article A Qualitative Study of Paramedic Duty to Treat During Disaster Response.
Academic Article A Framework for a Battlefield Trauma System for Civilians.
Academic Article The Forgotten Responders: The Ongoing Impact of 9/11 on the Ground Zero Recovery Workers.
Academic Article Militaries and global health: peace, conflict, and disaster response.
Academic Article Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician Reflections on the Ongoing Impact of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.
Academic Article Determining Key Influences on Patient Ability to Successfully Manage Noncommunicable Disease After Natural Disaster.
Academic Article Lessons in Post-Disaster Self-Care From 9/11 Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.
Academic Article Core Disaster Medicine Education (CDME) for Emergency Medicine Residents in the United States.
Academic Article Challenges of Global Public Health Emergencies: Development of a Health-Crisis Management Framework.
Academic Article The Physical and Mental Health Challenges Experienced by 9/11 First Responders and Recovery Workers: A Review of the Literature.
Academic Article Exploring the Physical and Mental Health Challenges Associated with Emergency Service Call-Taking and Dispatching: A Review of the Literature.
Academic Article A Consensus Framework for the Humanitarian Surgical Response to Armed Conflict in 21st Century Warfare.
Academic Article Evacuation from Healthcare Facilities in Poland: Legal Preparedness and Preparation.
Academic Article Declining Public Health Protections within Autocratic Regimes: Impact on Global Public Health Security, Infectious Disease Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Pandemics.
Academic Article National Health Preparedness and Response Centers: Revisiting the Increasingly Critical Need to Expand Cooperative Emergency Response Capabilities in the United States.
Academic Article Geographic Information System Technology: Review of the Challenges for Its Establishment as a Major Asset for Disaster and Emergency Management in Poland.
Academic Article Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response in Poland: Prevention, Surveillance, and Mitigation Planning.
Academic Article The Impact of Experience, Length of Service, and Workplace Preparedness in Physicians' Readiness in the Response to Disasters.
Academic Article Crisis standards of care in a pandemic: navigating the ethical, clinical, psychological and policy-making maelstrom.
Academic Article Cohort research analysis of disaster experience, preparedness, and competency-based training among nurses.
Academic Article A translational triage research development tool: standardizing prehospital triage decision-making systems in mass casualty incidents.
Academic Article The new normal: A catalyst for leadership adaptation in a tumultuous world-Let's stop applying 20th century solutions to 21st century problems in emergency management.
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