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Academic Article Two loci on chromosomes 2 and X for premature coronary heart disease identified in early- and late-settlement populations of Finland.
Academic Article Genomewide linkage analysis of bipolar disorder by use of a high-density single-nucleotide-polymorphism (SNP) genotyping assay: a comparison with microsatellite marker assays and finding of significant linkage to chromosome 6q22.
Academic Article Acheiropodia is caused by a genomic deletion in C7orf2, the human orthologue of the Lmbr1 gene.
Academic Article Genomewide search in Canadian families with inflammatory bowel disease reveals two novel susceptibility loci.
Academic Article A genome-wide scan for linkage to human exceptional longevity identifies a locus on chromosome 4.
Academic Article Suggestive linkage of 2p22-25 and 11q12-13 with low bone mineral density at the lumbar spine in the Irish population.
Academic Article Glycerol as a correlate of impaired glucose tolerance: dissection of a complex system by use of a simple genetic trait.
Academic Article Multigenic control of tuberculosis resistance: analysis of a QTL on mouse chromosome 7 and its synergism with sst1.
Academic Article Genome-wide scan in Portuguese Island families implicates multiple loci in bipolar disorder: fine mapping adds support on chromosomes 6 and 11.
Academic Article Genomewide linkage analysis of stature in multiple populations reveals several regions with evidence of linkage to adult height.
Academic Article Familial eosinophilia maps to the cytokine gene cluster on human chromosomal region 5q31-q33.
Academic Article Exact multipoint quantitative-trait linkage analysis in pedigrees by variance components.
Academic Article Diagnostic misclassification reduces the ability to detect linkage in inflammatory bowel disease genetic studies.
Academic Article Full-genome scan for linkage in 50 families segregating the bipolar affective disease phenotype.
Academic Article Absence of linkage between inflammatory bowel disease and selected loci on chromosomes 3, 7, 12, and 16.
Academic Article A mutation in Orai1 causes immune deficiency by abrogating CRAC channel function.
Academic Article Genomewide search for type 2 diabetes mellitus susceptibility loci in Finnish families: the Botnia study.
Academic Article Localization of an acromesomelic dysplasia on chromosome 9 by homozygosity mapping.
Academic Article No bias in linkage analysis.
Academic Article Consistently replicating locus linked to migraine on 10q22-q23.
Academic Article Rapid multipoint linkage analysis of recessive traits in nuclear families, including homozygosity mapping.
Academic Article Parametric and nonparametric linkage analysis: a unified multipoint approach.
Academic Article Genomewide scan of multiple sclerosis in Finnish multiplex families.
Academic Article Evidence for linkage of familial Diamond-Blackfan anemia to chromosome 8p23.3-p22 and for non-19q non-8p disease.
Academic Article Two quantitative trait loci for prepulse inhibition of startle identified on mouse chromosome 16 using chromosome substitution strains.
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Academic Article Whole-exome sequencing identifies rare, functional CFH variants in families with macular degeneration.
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